India is the most populated country and is now the biggest market player in today’s fashion Industry. Women and men mostly love to carry the smart and best leather wallet brands in India because leather wallet are not just counted as an accessory; they are fashion statement. If you think that wallets are just women’s favorite thing to carry then you are wrong because men too love to carry the best leather wallets. Leather wallets enhance their personalities and make them feel more confident and smart. There are uncountable varieties of leather wallets and they have become a perfect choice for men.

Buying a wallet is no child’s play as it is one of the main fashion accessories for men. Their need is less than women and their choice are more elegant. Men just need wallets and belts like accessories as these are an extension of their personality. So, If you’re looking to invest in a wallet, our list of the best leather wallet brands in India.
Before purchasing the best leather wallet brands in India you should check out the size, space, and material. Then you can select the article that suits your choice. So, let’s start to Know about the 11 best leather wallet brands in India because wallets recognized men’s personalities and individualize.

11. Bellroy

Bellroy is not only a famous and well-known best leather wallet brands in India but also git fame in all over the globe. It was originated in 2010 founded by Andrew Fallshaw. It is based out of Australia but operates currently in several other countries.

You will love to buy it’s best leather wallets brands in India because of their notable and wonderful features. This wallet is one of the best leather wallets in India because of it’s minimalistic design with sleeves to hold your business cards. Bellroy wallets have a spare currency pocket and a hidden bill compartment. The traditional look of this wallet make it an excellent starting point for shrinking your pocket. Bellroy wallets are made from ecologically approved leather and it comes with three-year guarantee.

10. Montblanc

Since its founding in 1906, Montblanc has been a leader in providing the, watches, and leather accessories. The headquarters of this German company are in Hamburg, and it makes high-end luxury goods. According to statistics from 2017, the business made more than 370.4 million euros in revenue.
Wallets are elegant objects made with enduring workmanship, excellent knowledge, and exceptional quality.

The purses are incredibly luxurious and strong because they are made with full-grain Italian leather and have a jacquard lining. Montblanc has a wide selection of simple and basic designs if you like them. The Montblanc wallets have numerous sections to put cards, and some money as well. This is considered the best leather wallet brands in India because it,s made up of full-grain, brilliantly glossed European cowhide.

9. Woodland

When it comes to footwear, performance clothing, and outdoor equipment, Woodland is a household brand. Woodland was established in Canada at the start of 1950’s . The company made a significant impact on the Indian footwear business after entering the country in 1992. Due to its highly advanced quality and longevity, Woodland is considered the best leather wallet brands in India. The wallets, shoes, and leather goods of this company are used by thousands of people in India.
Woodland aims to provide unique and useful solutions by fusing technology and creativity. Their wallets are well-built, made of real leather, and have plenty of room for all of your cash and cards.
Additionally, these purses come with an ID window, making them very useful whenever you go out.
Woodland purses are made of durable synthetic leather that will perfectly suit your choices.

8. Fossil

Fossil company was established in 1984 and now considered the best one. This company earned much fame. This company creates unique wearables like watches, leather purses, and other accessories. This is another best leather wallet brand in India because a huge level of the population loves to carry their wallets. Tom Kartsotis founded this multinational American designer business, which is one of the most well-known names in the market at present time. The company continued to astound us with its high-quality leather products in 2019 and reported revenue of $2.21 billion.
By including a Fossil pocketbook as a daily accessory, you can maintain your sense of style. Their wallets come in a wide variety of styles, including folding, trifold, embossed, money clips, card cases, and more. Fossils’ wallets are considered the best leather wallets brand in India because this company;s wallets are perfectly made up of leather.

7. Hidesign

Hidesign is a well-known producer of leather wallets and included in the list of best leather wallet brands in India with amazing goods. It is located in Puducherry and has earned fame in the market. Today, the company sells its goods in several Asian and European nations. The company brought in 160 crores in income last year, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Dilip Kapur established it after beginning his job at a leather factory as a hobby and realizing his passion for turning it into a full-fledged company.
Hidesign is a company that focuses on sophistication and style. This wallet is the one to purchase if you’re looking for a wallet with beautiful looks and straightforward features.

If you’re searching for something classy, choose from a wide selection of men’s leather wallets.
These purses are available in a range of sizes and are practical for everyday use.

6. Baggit

Not only is Baggit a well-known brand in the women’s fashion and style market, but their amazing men’s wallets brands in India line is also becoming very popular. Although all of the products of Baggit are manufactured in India, it sources its raw materials from China. Nina Lekhi started the company in 1984, and it now has more than 1,000 stores all over the world.
Baggit purses and men’s wallets come in a range of designs, such as bi-fold and tri-fold. Leather wallets can be used for both daily activities and travel.
Baggit wallets are small and lightweight, and they can be put into bags with ease. The construction quality is outstanding as well.

5. Tommy Hilfiger

One of the finest American premium clothing and accessory companies, Tommy Hilfiger enjoys a devoted following around the globe beacuse it;s the best . Tommy Hilfiger established the company in 1985, and there are presently more than 2000 stores spread across the globe. Despite having its headquarters in Amsterdam, the brand successfully runs both online and offline throughout the entire globe. Tommy Hilfiger exudes a lot of style. You can use these purses for many years because they are durable.
You can find a wide variety of men’s leather wallets, travel wallets, passport wallets, and more, depending on your use case, to make sure you’re protected wherever you go. Besides wallets they are also famous for other products manufacturing like, leather belts for men, keychains for your beloved car and bags.

4. Mast & Harbour

Mast & Harbour makes wallets to be more convenient, intelligent, and smooth. The company places a lot of emphasis on creating compact, high-quality wallets and it;s the best wallet brands in India. They give meticulous attention to every last detail.These brand wallets for guys are available online from Myntra, Flipkart, and Mast & Harbour has gained renown in India for producing the finest leather wallet brands. They use the best available leather to ensure long-lasting durability.

There are enough card spaces in the wallet.

  1. Manufacturers make wallets of the highest calibre cowhide.
  2. Wallets with bright contrast hues are available.
  3. The company provides clients with access to a variety of designs and details.

3.Levis Wallets

Levi’s, a popular clothing company, has gained renown for its quality and design. In India, people consider men’s Levi’s purses and wallets as the best leather wallet brand because they come in both contemporary and traditional styles.

Levi’s, a popular clothing company, has gained renown for its quality and design. In India, people consider men’s Levi’s purses and wallets as the best leather wallet brand because they come in both contemporary and traditional styles. The purses are extremely durable and made of high-quality leather. Men’s Levis wallets are available online at Flipkart, and Amazon.

Levis wallets are a type of bifold wallet, and it has outstanding features. You receive a cowhide pebble wallet. There are enough card spaces in the wallet.
get one mesh ID window compartment in addition. Moreover, Levies is also famous for manufacturing best leather belts for men and they are just one of a kind.

2. Hornbull

The four-compartment Hornbull leather wallet has RFID-blocking technology to protect you from con artists. These wallets are the best leather wallet brands in India. Stitched borders on the Hornbull wallet give it a stylish appearance. You can put your important items, such as cards and cash, in the designated compartments of the wallet. The wallet is made of real leather and has an inner cloth lining that increases its durability.

1. Hammonds Flycatcher

The elegant retro design of the Hammonds Flycatcher Wallet can go well with your taste and choice. The small, roomy wallets have pockets for organizing your necessities, like cards and cash. It is a thin pocketbook that guarantees you have room for your necessities. It includes a coin compartment for storing loose change. The vertical shape and slim silhouette of the Hammonds Flycatcher wallet make it convenient to take in your preferred pocket.

People also ask about Leather wallets

How much leather is used to make a wallet?

Two square feet of material is required. We advise using 2 oz-thick full grain leather for best wallet like Blackbird leathers do. Moreover, The thickness of leather is measured in ounces. If you want your wallet to be especially thin, you can use 1 ounce of leather; if you don’t mind the additional bulk, you can use 3 ounces.

Which is the best wallet brands in India?

Guess, Fossil, Tommy Hilfiger, Hi-design and Blackbird leathers are the best wallet brands in India for men. These brand wallets are affordable, stylish and give branded look when carried out for paying money.