When it comes to biking, safety and style go hand in hand. Leather gloves are a vital accessory for bikers, offering not only protection but also an element of rugged fashion. Choosing the right pair of leather gloves can make your rides safer and more enjoyable. Wearing protective gear is a good idea when riding a motorcycle. You also need good gloves in addition to a jacket, boots, and helmet. Leather is one of the most popular materials for gloves, while there are many other textiles and materials that may as well. Water-resistant, warm, and protective is leather. And it’s fashionable.

Riders of all sorts, from sport bikers to Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, wear leather gloves. Selecting the ideal pair of leather gloves for your needs might be difficult because there is a wide range of styles and varieties available in stores and online. Here is our buying guide with some of the top, most well-known brands. In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 leather gloves for bikers that combine functionality, durability, and style.

Best Leather Motorcycle Gloves Reviews & Recommendations 

5. REV’IT! Fly 3 Gloves

The REV’IT! The Fly 3 Gloves comprise goatskin, which gives them exceptional tactile sensitivity and breathability. They have TPR hard shell knuckle protection, a PWR/shield in the palm region, and an interior consisting of tri-fleece. These gloves are fully porous for ventilation and have an adjustable hook and loop closure for a custom fit. Because the leather is supple and the knuckle guards are low profile, they don’t look out of place, the finger articulation is excellent. After a little while, they shape and stretch to fit your hands without obstructing your motion.

They aren’t advised to ride in the cold, though. Furthermore, there have been concerns that the thumb is a little short for people with longer fingers, and they might not be true to size.

4. Scorpion EXO SGS MK II Gloves

leather gloves for bikers

Goatskin leather and carbon fiber-reinforced TPU knuckle protection make the Scorpion EXO SGS MK II Gloves an excellent choice for the track. Hard TPU finger protectors and Knox SPS palm sliders are also available. Overall, the protection offered by these sportbike riders’ short-cuff gloves is outstanding. Pre-curved fingers and palms, touchscreen functionality, reinforced palms, a padded pisiform protector, and Velcro wrist strap closures are further features. Because of the good airflow provided by the perforation, they keep your hands relatively cool in warm weather. Their shorter length also prevents them from getting in the way of jacket sleeves. Once you break them in, they become fairly comfortable overall.

Although a bit difficult to use, the touchscreen feature functions. They’re hardly the most fashionable choice either. Furthermore, enough to allow for a slight extension of the Velcro strap.

3. Tour Master 12V Synergy 2.0 Heated Leather Gloves

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Tour Master 12V Synergy 2.0 Heated Leather Gloves are a must if you ride year-round and detest the cold. These goatskin leather gloves are intended to be worn unaltered or in conjunction with a Synergy 2.0 outfit, despite their somewhat high price tag. They have a polyfill insulation that holds heat and a Rainguard waterproof barrier that distributes heat via steel fiber heating components. The gloves have one rheostat to control the temperature, and a sensor makes sure your hands are always toasty. Additional features include a soft Bemberg inside liner, expansion panels for comfort, and a wear-and-tear-resistant Clarino palm panel. Its users say they feel cozy and heated. Additionally, their thinness makes it easy for them to operate the controls.

A drawback is that the connections seem a touch flimsy. Some people may also experience some tightness in their fingers.

2. Cortech Scrapper Gloves

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Finding high-quality, reasonably priced leather riding gloves can be difficult, but the Cortech Scrapper Gloves are a great choice at a reasonable price. These gloves have accordion stretch panels, a diamond stitch pattern, and touchscreen-capable fingertips. Their material is goatskin, measuring 0.7–0.8 mm. They have an air-circulating polyester lining with perforations that wick away moisture. Apart from being with padding for comfort, the thumb and palm areas have reinforcement for durability. The gloves include a hook and loop fastening and high-density foam knuckle protection. Customers say they feel excellent, fit perfectly, and have a very soft interior. Additionally, they are cozy to wear. You don’t feel restricted and can move your hands freely.

Sadly, their lack of heavy armor makes them less protective than certain alternative choices. They’re not made for cold climates because they’re perforated.

1. Blackbird Blackjack Gloves

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The timeless design of the Blackbird Blackjack Gloves makes them an excellent choice for all of the above. These gloves have a classic shape and are made of goatskin leather, crafted from 100% top-grain leather, these gloves are not only elegant and durable but also affordable, making them ideal for riding in the winter, spring, and summer. Their fingers are pre-curved, and their knuckles and back are covered in soft inserts. Additional features include elastic inserts, a hook and loop fastening at the wrist region, and a reinforced leather palm. Customers say they don’t slip and are simple to put on and take off. There’s excellent breathability and well-made stitching. The inside liners are often soft, flexible, and simple to use. Evident in their fine stitching, comfortable fit, and overall design, these gloves are a work of art.

What sets Blackbird apart is its dedication to eco-friendliness. The brand takes pride in responsibly sourced materials, reducing its carbon footprint, and embracing environmentally conscious practices. Notably, the use of cut pieces in glove production minimizes waste and allows Blackbird to offer affordable luxury.

Final Thoughts

As a biker, investing in quality leather gloves is a decision that combines safety and style. The top 5 leather gloves for bikers listed in this article cover a range of styles, fits, and protection features. Whether you’re a sportbike enthusiast, an adventure rider, or prefer classic cruising, there’s a glove to match your taste and needs.

So, gear up and ride with confidence knowing that your hands are not only protected but stylish as well.


Leather motorcycle gloves are an absolute must for riding since they provide the best possible protection for riders’ hands. In the case of a collision or accident, motorcycle gloves—especially those composed of premium leather—offer excellent hand and finger protection.

  • What are 3 season gloves?

The Blackbird Gloves are the best 3 season gloves making them an excellent choice. These gloves have a classic shape and are made of 100% top-grain leather, these gloves are not only elegant and durable but also affordable, making them ideal for riding in the winter, spring, and summer.

Blackbird offers worldwide delivery of raw leather and leather items including leather motorcycle gloves whether you order a single piece or order in bulk.

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