Leather wallets for men have universal importance for all men in the world. It doesn’t matter what is the nature of your job or how you spend your day but when it comes to spending money you always need a wallet to store it. So, in order to make your money worth it we are going to share a secret after which you will easily choose a wallet that will stand the test of the time. It will be your companion in thick and thin unless and until you lost it. Yeah, that’s something different so let’s begin.

When you visit a shop to make a purchase in 2023, there are abundant of choices as fashion industry never rests. Mellitic and carbon fibre wallets are also sold but when it comes to class and richness, nothing can outmatch the beauty of the perfectly sticthed finely crafted leather wallet.


1. Leather Quality

The first and fore-most thing to look in a wallet is its leather quality. This might be new to you but leather comes in four different categories.

Full grain leatherMost expensive and premium quality leather
Top grain leatherLeather with second best quality (the top cut of a cowhide with the outermost layer of the skin removed)
Genuine leatherIt is not pure leather it is real leather but of low grade quality
Bonded leatherAmalgamation of genuine, top grain and full grain leather. It is actually a mix of both real and fake leather

I hope the above table has helped you to understand the fact that the wallet of your choice should have top or full-grain leather. It should not have a “genuine leather” tag on it otherwise your wallet will turn to ashes in one or two years. Few brands use top-grain or full-grain leather in the manufacturing of products. Some popular brands to look for top and full grain wallets are Blackbird leathers, Bellroy, Gucci, etc. However, if you want to read about the types of leather in detail then you may CLICK HERE to read about it later. Best and premium wallets are always made up of Full grain leather because of its characteristics like toughness, tear-resistance, and than other grades of leather, and develops a beautiful patina when used for a long time.


PIC: Blackbird leathers (Retro Series wallet)

2. Design & Capacity

The functionality is also very important in addition to durability. The major function of a wallet is to store and protect debit cards, money, CNIC and documents. A durable and beautiful wallet is of no use if it doesn’t act like a wallet to store sufficient stuff.

Blackbird leathers has recently launched a perfect unisex wallet for all people who want the combination of leather wallet with durability and full-grain leather composition.

Long leather wallet from Blackbird leathers

3. RFID Protection

RFID is a acronym for Radio Frequency Identification. It refers to a radio waves-based technology used to passively identify tagged objects. It’s used in several commercial and industrial applications, including debit/credit cards, passports, and contactless cards. The technology uses microchips that store data and scanners to read the microchips.

In simple words, your sensitive data can be breached from your cards from your wallet so in order to secure yourself from these kind of theft you need a wallet that may protect you as well. RFID Protection is imperative in this era of technological advancement. At Blackbird Leathers, we offer this protection through our Leather Wallets. Every Blackbird Leathers Wallet is equipped with Rfid blocking technology to save your Credit Cards and Information from getting stolen.

Blackbird leathers Dollar size wallets

4. Size of Wallet

The size of wallet depends upon how much you want to take along you. The amount of money and cards should be taken in account before choosing a wallet for you. An ideal wallet must be functional enough for your everyday carry items, sleek enough to look good, and comfortably fit in your pocket. Bulky wallets are out of fashion nowadays and badly designed wallet with unnecessary pockets and extra layers of leather might make it big without adding any considerable space to it.

Due to the different needs of divergent people, different companies make different wallets of various sizes. If you mostly carry your wallet in your jeans front pocket or chest pocket, you might want to look at Minimalist & Functional Leather Wallet.

Minimalist wallet in black by Blackbird leathers

5. Craftmanship

Last but not the least, Infact, if I would rank the most important feature to look for in a wallet then it would be craftmanship. Craftmanship is the name of paying attention to every minute detail in the product and it comes only after years of practice and dedication. A poor craftmanship can ruin even the highest quality leather and premium design so this comes at the top priority.

Now, in order to find the perfect craftmanship in the wallet you need to pay due attention to the wallet. Look at the sewing, corner bends, internal pockets, and other hidden areas where a bad artisan might ignore the details. A perfectly good looking wallet might have serious craftsmanship issues when looked at closely.


The crux of this article lies in the following points below:

  • Wallet should be made up of full-grain or top-grain leather
  • The design and capacity should meet your everyday requirement
  • The size should assist you in everyday affairs rather than becoming hectic for you to handle.
  • The wallet should be RFID protected if you are carrying numerous cards.

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