Become a reseller


BLACKBIRD LEATHERS offers to the resellers different types of discounts based on the requested services.

The available services for resellers are:

B2B (business to business)

direct sales to the reseller. Products with the brand name BLACKBIRD LEATHERS and products without any brand name.

Private Label: 

the possibility to create your own label and a customized collection

Drop Shipping:

the possibility to use the company as a logistic base, by using the available services.

Distributors and Importers:

exclusively of defined areas or countries. Private negotiations.

Every kind of reselling which the company offers has its defined marketing field : in order to avoid any commercial confusion and without penalizing any partner.

The sales partners interested in the the sale of our products, need to register and communicate us their interest by using our email address [email protected] or through the form

The company will send within 1 to 5 hours the relevant information and ensures the activation of the initial discount.