Black GG Supreme Canvas is a new wallet launched by the Gucci brand. It is inspired by the archives, this slim wallet is presented in black GG Supreme canvas and enriched by tonal leather trim and Interlocking G tag. On the other hand, a new emerging brand Blackbirds leather has recently launched its masterpiece Classic & Slim Bifold leather wallet for men. It has been in great demand since its arrival in stores. Both wallets have striving characteristics and both have multiple reasons to fall in the public’s favorite wallets list. In this article, we will figure out which wallet is economical & durable, in-short best for you.

Black GG Supreme Canvas or Blackbird's Classic & Slim Bifold leather wallet! Which one to buy?
Black GG Supreme Canvas or Blackbird’s Classic & Slim Bifold leather wallet! Which one to buy?

Black GG Supreme Canvas

GG Supreme Canvas wallets are international brand Gucci’s manufacturing. This slim wallet is presented in black GG Supreme canvas and enriched by tonal leather trim and Interlocking G tag. Its unique and novel ability is just its interlocking G tag. Its specifications include:

  • Black GG Supreme canvas, a material with low environmental impact
  • Black leather trim
  • Viscose lining
  • Oval leather tag with Interlocking G
  • Eight card slots and two bill compartments
  • Closed: 4.3″W x 3.5″H; Open: 8.3″W x 3.5″H
shipping and delivery chart for Gucci's black supreme wallet

In order to gift this wallet to your beloved ones, you may spend more money to wrap it in Gucci’s professional yet expensive packing to give your gift a lavish outlook.

Gift packing styles of Gucci for Black GG Supreme Canvas wallet
Gift packing styles of Gucci for Black GG Supreme Canvas wallet

Blackbird’s Classic & Slim Bifold leather wallet

Elegant and extremely purposeful mini dimension leather wallet that is a superb selection for minimalists. This leather wallet is produced from high-quality vegetable tanned cowhide leather. The good thing is that the quality leather enhances with age. This small leather card holder wallet fits simply and comfortably in all sorts of pocket, no pointless bulk, however it gives you sufficient space for storing for every little thing you want.

Specifications of Blackbirds Classic & Slim Bifold leather wallet:

Natural Cowhide leather


2 Cash compartment

6 Card slots

2 Hidden pocket

Classic & Slim

Elegant Dark Brown Color

Infographics for Blackbirds Classic and slim bifold leather wallet

Contrastive difference between Black GG Supreme Canvas & Blackbird’s Classic & Slim Bifold leather wallets

After taking the aforementioned information and graphics into account, one can be easily persuaded to buy both wallets in a row without taking much contemplation in this regard. Still, there are some differences one need to know before placing order!

Price factor:

The major contrast between both wallets is the cost of both wallets. Gucci’s Black GG supreme has enormous price margin of 440$ that makes it unapproachable for all people having less income resources and low budget. Supreme canvas is anti-budget while Blackbirds Classic and slim bifold leather wallet is budget friendly and it only costs you 15$ with no compromise on quality and durability. Why spend more green bills on same premium leather wallet?

You can buy this wallet in just 1.5k PKR if you are Pakistani resident.
Black GG Supreme canvas
GG Supreme wallet’s price is 440$

Texture of elegance:

Gucci’s supreme wallet has a regular pattern of Gucci with lot of variations but all variations lack the element of elegance. Gucci’s wallets lacks the smooth and soft leather texture. In addition, the very first look let a person to contemplate whether this wallet is made up of good quality cloth rather than fine quality leather. If we talk about Blackbirds leather wallet, it has a fine premium quality leather texture that is rich with elegance.

Novelty V/S Archaic taste

If you like creative items with novelty then supreme wallets have a new interlocking element. It is a new concept that is commendable but if you are serious about purchasing a leather wallet that enhances your personality and gives you a shade of a graceful man then there is no better option then purchasing Blackbirds leather wallet.

Color Variations:

Supreme wallets come with three variations, Beige and ebony, Gucci tiger wallet, Black Supreme while Blackbirds wallets come with four (4) Unique colors. Black, Vintage Brown, Ancient Brown and Chocolate Brown. In addition, if you don’t like patterns on your wallets like more people don’t, then purchase Blackbirds wallets.

RFID Technology:

Blackbird Leathers Wallet have RFID blocking technology. It prevent hackers from stealing your personal information including credit card details. It is not clear whether Gucci’s so expensive wallet posses this quality or not. Gucci has not mentioned the usage of anti RFID technology in their specifications.

As a matter of facts, you have gone through both products differences. I am hopeful this article might have helped you in the clarity of your thought pertaining to the purchase.

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