Anyone who has ever bought a men’s leather jacket, especially doing online shopping knows that one of the most difficult aspects is getting the ideal fit. But with a little work, you can locate a jacket that looks and feels fantastic. To assist you get the ideal fit, we’ll demonstrate how to measure for a leather jacket in this article. Read on for advice on how to choose the ideal jacket for your body, regardless of whether you’re new to leather jackets or need an update on sizing.

Why is it necessary to take body measurements before buying a Men’s Leather Jacket?

  1. A jacket that fits you perfectly will enhance your appearance. Ensure your leather jacket fits properly to avoid seeming boxy or shapeless since they tend to be form-fitting in shape.
  2. It might be uncomfortable to wear an overly big or small jacket. Your jacket could feel heavy and bulky if it’s too big, and it might feel tight and bothersome if it’s too small. Finding a size that feels comfortable to wear is vital, regardless of the situation.
  3. Choosing the proper size will also increase the service life of your jacket. When a jacket is too loose, it may eventually lose its shape, while when it is too tight, the seams and fabric may become stressed. In any case, durability depends on proper size.

How to take body measurements before buying a leather Jacket? 

A well-fitting jacket is what you require in order to look put together and feel comfortable. It is a staple piece in every wardrobe and is crucial for layering. But how can you measure a jacket’s fit? You will always require a few body measurements before using a jacket size calculator, consulting a men’s jacket size chart. I’ll show you how to properly take these crucial measurements in this in-depth guide so you can get the ideal jacket fit for you. Let’s begin.

How to take body measurements before buying a leather Jacket? 

Start with measuring your chest 

Stand up straight and relax your body, especially your arms. To measure the entire circumstance of your chest, place an inches tape between the left and right armpit. Measure the distance between both armpits and jot it down.

Note: Be relaxed while taking chest measurements, don’t make your body too tight or too loose, because a tight fit may make you feel uneasy and even leave you with no Space to pull up the zip. Likewise, the loose hanging tape won’t result in a truly snug fit, so you must be very careful to get it properly in any case.

Waist Measurement – The Most Crucial Step

Locate your top hip and the bottom of your ribcage. Just above the belly button, wrap a tape measure around the abdomen at the point midway between them. Make sure it is tightly pulled but not so tight that it digs into your skin. Ensure that the measuring tape is leveled on all sides. Take the measurement and note it down. 

Sleeve Length

You can’t measure your sleeves accurately by yourself, so you must ask someone to do it for you. Taking measurements of your arms is not just enough, so you have to begin by placing one end of the tape to the center of the top of your back, measure across to your should, and then down to your wrist. This is the complete length of your sleeves.


From the outer edge of your left shoulder blade to the outer edge of your right shoulder blade, lay flat with the tape measure pulled tight across your back. You can also measure across your back starting from the seams where each of the sleeves attaches using the seams of your shirt as a guide.


Put the tape at the center of the bicep muscle and measure the circumference of the biceps to determine their size.

Measure the Neck Circumference

Place the tape around your neck at the level where your collar would typically relax, or just below your Adam’s apple, to determine your neck size. The tape needs to be softly placed on the skin, not choking it, as you maintain a neutral head position. The measuring tape should completely encircle your neck.

Hip Circumference

Wrap the measuring tape across the widest part of your hips. The feet should be directly beneath the hips as you stand. When the measuring tape is drawn excessively tightly or loosely, or when people are dressed with belts or large pockets, measurement error arises. So, make sure it doesn’t happen to you. Record the measurements in inches.

Things to Keep in Mind While Making Measurements for Leather Jacket!

  1. Make use of a measuring tape.
  2. Maintain a straight posture while letting your arms hang at your sides.
  3. Measure around your bust and waist at their widest points.
  4. As the measuring tape circles your body, be sure it is level.
  5. Keep a record of your dimensions and contrast them with the jacket’s sizing chart.

Size Chart for Men’s Leather Jacket

Depending on the brand and geographical area, men’s leather jacket sizes can vary slightly. However, the sizing chart below serves as a general guide.

SizeChest (inches)Waist (inches)Shoulder (inches)Sleeve Length (inches)Jacket Length (inches)Bicep Circumference (inches)Neck Circumference (inches)
Small (S)34-3628-3016-16.532-3323-2412-1314-14.5
Medium (M)38-4032-3417-17.533-3424-2513-1415-15.5
Large (L)42-4436-3818-18.534-3525-2614-1516-16.5
Extra Large (XL)46-4840-4219-19.535-3626-2715-1617-17.5

Disclaimer! Please be mindful that there may be some variances between brands and particular jacket styles, and that these measurements are only basic suggestions. Always use the size chart provided by the manufacturer or store to determine the best fit for a given jacket.

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Final Thoughts

Going too big while purchasing a leather jacket is, in my opinion, one of the most frequent mistakes guys make. Even while your jacket shouldn’t be skin-tight, ordering one size larger than you actually are may make you look boxy. Ensure your shoulders, chest, and waist are your shoulders, chest, and waist are all slightly snug in your jacket. If you are choosing between two sizes, I advise choosing the smaller one because a well-made leather jacket will expand over time.

Since leather jackets can’t actually be returned or adjusted by a tailor, you want to make sure the size is accurate at purchase. A short suggestion to keep in mind regarding the length is to make sure your jacket reaches around where your belt loops are. The sleeves should fall exactly where your wrist begins to bend. What should one, therefore, keep in mind? Don’t size up, go for a tight yet stretched jacket.