Leather wallets have always been in great demand regardless of the country or class since their inception in the 1300s. You may be surprised by the fact that the market size value of the leather industry in 2022 is USD 424.64 billion. People love to buy leather goods, especially males even buy very expensive leather wallets to look prestigious and rich. Some leather wallets for men even have a price tag of USD$1000.

So, there are expensive leather wallet brands like Tom Ford, Gucci, and Prada. The question arises is that, Will these expensive wallets have special leather that has the power to last for a lifetime? The answer is Yes! It doesn’t matter that a wallet worth USD$1000 can only last a lifetime. There are many leather wallets brand like Blackbird leathers, Jafferjees, Popov leathers, etc that give you quality leather wallets that can last longer if taken good care.

Leather that lasts long:

The quality of leather depends upon its type, the main factor that contributes to the durability of a leather wallet is the leather wallets kind. If leather wallet luxury brands use full-grain leather and top-grain leather, then there are 80% chances that leather will last longer than genuine leather brands and bonded leather brands.

In addition, there are also other factors that effects the quality and durability of a leather wallet. You need to take care of wallet by taking in account the five steps:

  • Keep away from sunlight exposure
  • Keep Away from Moisture
  • Clean Exterior with Microfiber
  • Don’t Overstuff Your Wallet
  • Use a Leather Conditioner

Keep away from sunlight exposure

The simplest thing one can do to increase the lifespan of a leather wallet is by taking it away from direct sunlight exposure. Long exposure to sunlight can cause cracking in leather because natural moisture of leather is necessary for its durability. When sunlight hits the wallet, it dry out the moisture.

Keep Away from Moisture

Just like sunlight excessive moisture is also bad for a wallet’s life, it is normal when your wallet gets wet during rain but never wash it in the laundry. If it gets wet gently clean it with cotton cloth and dry it naturally. Do not use a blow dryer, as this will lead to cracking and shrinkage.

Clean exterior with microfiber

Leather is sensitive product and avoid rough or abrasive surfaces. It is important to clean exterior through microfiber towel to avoid scratching. Don’t put your wallet in the same pocket as your keys, and be mindful of buttons and zippers.

Don’t Overstuff your leather wallet

Worn out wallet with useless papers inside

Overstuffing can destroy your wallet in two ways, first your wallet loses its stylish look and secondly, it stretches the leather grain and cause cracking and damage. Overstuffing will also curve the leather, losing the flat, stylish look.

Use a Leather Conditioner

Finally, one additional step to prolong the life of a leather wallet is by frequent applications of leather conditioner. Try to use something deemed leather-safe and chemical-free


By taking all aforementioned measures and facts into account one can say that leather wallets can even live lifelong if they are made up of full-grain leather and if necessary measures are taken for them. It is not necessary that if a wallet costs you USD$1000 then it is meant to be used for generations. So with these simple tips, you can care for your leather wallet and extend the lifespan of your investment.

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