Shopping for leather-based products could be a difficult process. There should not solely several types of leather types but additionally several types of artificial leathers as well. Manufactures and leather-based store homeowners are discovering new methods to promote artificial leather-based disguised as real. Fortuitously, We (Blackbird Leathers) are sharing a number of easy tips about learn how to purchase real leather products.

identify real leather

1: Examine the Label First

The very first thing it is best to do earlier than making an attempt any of the next methods is to verify the label. Most high-end leather-based product producers will proudly offer you details about the kind of leather-based they’ve used to make the merchandise.

Most leather-based merchandise have labels indicating differing kinds, corresponding to ‘real leather-based’ or ‘full grain leather-based.’ When you see doubtful labels corresponding to ‘artificial materials’ or ‘made with animal merchandise’, chances are high, it’s not real leather. Keep away from shopping for leather-based furnishings or equipment with none tags. It’s a certain shot signal the producer is making an attempt to hide the authenticity of leather-based.

2: Really feel the Texture

Simply run your fingers over the leather-based to really feel its texture. As real leather-based comes from animal disguise, it is going to have a various or uneven texture. If the floor grain feels additional easy, chances are high, it’s fake leather-based.

3: Search for Imperfections

Real leather-based displays an inconsistent floor sample having minor imperfections. In different phrases, scratches, creases, and wrinkles are a sign of real leather.

4: Heat

Keep in mind, real leather-based comes from hiding, which in some unspecified time in the future, belonged to a residing animal. That’s why real leather-based begets a comfortable and heat feeling to your contact. Fake leather-based, nonetheless, feels chilly and lifeless.

5: Elasticity

Similar to any animal pores and skin, real leather adjust coloration when stretched and has higher elasticity. When you press your finger firmly towards pure leather-based, it is going to wrinkle below stress. However, it is going to regain the unique shortly. Fake leather-based, nonetheless, will retain the form of your finger for some time.

6: Scent

Actual leather has a definite leathery scent. It retains the scent even after going by the tanning course of. The artificial leather-based materials, then again, smells like plastic.

7: Tough Edges

Whether or not you might be out searching for leather-based recliners or purses, they’ll at all times have tough or coarse edges. As real leather-based is fabricated from a number of layers, the perimeters typically fray over time. Fake leather-based merchandise, nonetheless, have easy edges.

8: Moisture

Not like its artificial counterparts, pure leather-based readily absorbs moisture. Splash a drop of water in your leather-based merchandise. If it soaks up the water in seconds, chances are high it’s a real leather-based merchandise.

9: Fireplace Check

You must execute this check rigorously, as it is going to injury part of your leather-based accent. You are able to do this check on a hard-to-see space, such because the underside of your leather-based recliners. Burn the designated space utilizing a matchstick. Real leather-based will barely char and produce a definite scent of burnt hair, whereas fake leather-based smells of burning plastic.

10: Examine the Value

No matter how arduous you discount, real leather-based will at all times be costly. In the case of leather-based purchasing, there aren’t any low-cost offers.


Even the smallest issues fabricated from real leather-based are fairly costly. So, you must put quite a lot of thought into shopping for leather-based merchandise, massive or small. The price, high quality, and aesthetics of leather-based relying on numerous elements together with the kind of animal disguise, tanning course of, and ending touches. Blackbird Leathers offer the best quality of leather products with lifetime guarantee. Check our latest products here.

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