As they are constantly in style, leather jackets never actually “trend.” It is a true fashion mainstay that molds into countless varieties, draped, layered, or patched; it is never really “in” or “out,” nor “on-trend” or “off.” Simply saying, it is a wardrobe staple that can be worn year after year without seeming out of style because it is ageless and traditional. There are well-tailored leather jackets that represent comfort and elegance and well-cut leather trench coats that enchant enthusiasts whenever the weather turns windy. 

Leather Jackets Manufacturing in Pakistan

Leather Jackets Manufacturing in Pakistan

Pakistan is highly popular for producing leather jackets of the highest caliber. The Pakistan Tanners Association estimates that the production of leather accounts for 5% of Pakistan’s GDP and 5.4 % of all export revenue. There are roughly 800 tanneries operating year-round, primarily in the Sialkot, Lahore, and Karachi districts, processing about 4500 tonnes of the nation’s leather production. The process of leather manufacturing uses cow, goat, buffalo, and sheep hides. Although the leather business also creates many other goods, including shoes, luggage, and accessories, the prices of leather jackets are quite high.

Leather Jackets Prices in Pakistan

Prices for leather wallets in Pakistan vary depending on the type, quantity, and quality of the leather. If you’ve ever purchased a leather jacket or any other leather goods, you may have noticed the terms “genuine leather,” “top grain leather,” “Full grain leather,” or “bonded leather” on the tag.  These different types of leather can never be the same in terms of cost or quality. Genuine leather is the most affordable and long-lasting type of leather, whereas full-grain leather is the least durable.

Among the most expensive products is the leather jacket. The lengthy tanning and crusting process is the primary cause of its high cost. A piece will need about 40 days to prepare for stitching. Depending on the quality of the leather on average, it will cost you between 2000 and 30000 Rs for each piece in Pakistan. However, it depends upon the type of leather used to make a jacket.

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A Brief Analysis of Leather Jackets Prices in Pakistan Depending upon the type of Leather Used

Lambskin Leather Jacket PricesLambskin is the softest type of leather available. Lambskin has a pleasing drape and is lighter and smoother than cowhide and other types of leather. You may spend anywhere from 2000 to 10000 PKR for a lambskin jacket! This is frequently caused by the distinction in brand names.
Sheepskin Leather Jacket PricesSheep leather is the lightest leather used to produce gloves, furniture, jackets, and other items. You can safely refer to any leather that is really smooth and slightly silky as sheep leather. Fur is removed prior to tanning, and there is either no or very little leather odor. Sheep leather stands out because it is tanned with the fleece still in place, which is unheard of in other types of leather. Depending on the features of the coat, sheepskin jackets, also known as shearling coats, can cost anywhere from 3000 to 12000 PKR.
Cowhide Leather Jacket PricesCowhide leather jackets are the best and most popular option for men’s and women’s jackets when it comes to winter apparel and these jackets are more expensive than Lambskin and Sheepskin leather jackets. No other hide can deliver the same level of softness and comfort and warmth that they do. Cowhide jackets are preferable to other leather because they are resistant. The majority of high-end jackets are made of cowhide leather, which can be worn in subfreezing temperatures. On the basis of the brand name and quality of the leather jacket, a genuine cowhide leather jacket may have a price between 8000 to 30000 PKR.
Crocodile/Alligator Leather Jacket PricesDue to the scarcity of crocodiles, their tiny size, and reliable farms and tanning facilities to process and prepare the product for the market, crocodile leather is a rare and expensive commodity. Also, in Pakistan, there are just a few crocodile leather jacket manufacturers and their prices can reach up to lacs and even crores.

People Also Ask!

Why leather jackets are so expensive?

Due to their luxurious status as a piece of apparel, leather jackets are also expensive. They also have high production expenses because they are created from various animal skins, which has an impact on the price. From there, famous brands and designer labels just serve to raise the price.

Are leather jackets worth the price?

Real leather jackets are very popular because of their durability. Leather jackets have a decent resale value due to their durability. If the jacket you’re buying is of real leather, it will age and get better looking over time.

What is the longevity of a leather jacket?

Leather coats frequently last for many years. A high-quality leather jacket can actually last a lifetime with proper care. Some folks still have their original bomber jackets, which they wear. Other types of jackets have a tendency to deteriorate over time, while leather jackets don’t.

Final Thoughts

Real leather jackets may have prices as much as 35,000 Pakistani rupees or more. In general, leather jackets are fairly expensive, especially when they are of thick, high-quality leather. Expensive labeling and high-quality hardware further increase the price. Look at the leather’s thickness and the fabric’s texture to determine whether a jacket is of high-quality materials or not. High-quality leather jackets will be thick. In contrast to fake leather, which could be overly smooth, high-quality leather jackets will also have a supple texture.

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