Leather wallet prices in Pakistan vary on the bases of leather quality, category, and quantity. While purchasing a leather belt or watch you might have seen a tag of “genuine leather”, “top grain leather”, “Full grain leather” or “bonded leather” but what do these terms indicate? The answer is simple, quality and durability. these are different categories and indicators of the leather. The price and quality of Top grain leather wallets, full-grain leather wallets, and genuine leather wallets can never be the same. The most expensive and durable leather is Full-grain leather and on the other hand, most low-quality leather is genuine leather. It is ironic to observe that the name “genuine” is contradictory to its quality. Anyways, on average, the prices of different wallets are given in the table below, all prices are listed after thorough research.

Bonded leather110-250
Genuine leather wallet prices in Pakistan300-500
Top grain leather wallet price in Pakistan2600-4000
Full grain leather wallet price in Pakistan5000-14000
Leather wallet price in Pakistan

On average, the lowest price for leather wallet in Pakistan is PKR190 while it can exceed up to PKR15k if you want a full-grain leather wallet from a international brand like blackbird leathers to keep your money and prestige safe.

Blackbird leathers analysis

You might be thinking why how wallet at a times can be so cheap and expensive, well! the reason lies in the fact that genuine leather followed by bonded leather is low-quality leather so, their cost is low while Full grain and top-grain wallets are made after a lot of processing. They are extracted from cow or bull hides, after the removal of hairs these hides directly undergo a tanning process. After tanning, it goes for crusting. Refined leather wallets also undergo the fourth step which is surface coating. These lines may be enough for your question about divergent leather wallet prices in Pakistan.

Full grain leather wallet price in Pakistan:

Full grain leather is the most expensive leather. It is made up of whole hide of the animal, whether it is cow leather, bull, horse or any other animal. It is the most strongest and durable leather hence leather wallets made from this leather are quite expensive in Pakistan. On average, the full grain leather wallet price in Pakistan ranges from PKR5000 to PKR25000.

Top grain leather wallet price in Pakistan:

Top-grain leather is considered the second most high-quality leather in the market. Products made from top-grain leather have good shine, durability, less grain, and more luster. Its tanning is easy and it’s less expensive than full-grain hence most big brands like blackbird leathers, Bellroy, Gucci, Prada, Jafferjees and Armani rely on Top-grain leather for the manufacturing of their product. I have also used blackbird leather’s top grain leather wallet for myself. The average Top grain leather wallet price in Pakistan ranges between PKR 2500 to PKR 5000.

Blackbird top grain leather wallet that I have been using for 2 years.

Price of leather in Pakistan:

Every Pakistani knows that when it comes to leather Pakistan is second best country for leather production. The best part is that leather in Pakistan is less costly as compared to Italy. It is one of the largest exporter of leather, there are 800 tanneries in the country. These tanneries are actively engaged in producing the finest quality leather of cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats. Sialkot and Karachi are best known for leather production in the world.

Pakistan leather wholesale price

  • In 2022, the prices of leather has increased, the approximate price range for Pakistan Leather is PKR2,560 per Kg
  • In 2022, the prices of leather has increased, the approximate price range for Pakistan Leather is PKR1,161.09 per pound(lb)
  • The price in Pakistan Rupee is PKR 1804.62 per kg. The average price for a ton is PKR2,560,076 in Lahore and Islamabad.

Leather wallet prices in Pakistan from big brands:

1. Blackbird leathers

Top grain leather wallet

Pakistan is a land where social status and prestige is conjectured through a person’s car, house, wallet, and dress. Unfortunately, top-grain and full-grain leather wallets of international brands are not in approach of all people due to very high prices. Fortunately, leather wallets veteran brand Blackbird leathers has announced its operations in Pakistan. It is an international standard brand whose sales are soaring high in Pakistan due to their quality, commitment and low prices.

They had been operating in New York but they have started their operations in Pakistan. They have flawless top grain leather wallets having dexterous crafting and pure leather scent. If your budget is between 2k-4k for a lavish wallet with opulent looks then you should go for it.

Notice: Due to flood devastations across Pakistan, Blackbird leathers have announced huge discounts on its wallets. They have also started their fund campaign and have promised to donate 25% of their total sales to flood victims. So, purchase wallet from them to help the humanity!

-Founder & Director operations: Rehan Sarwar

For more articles, you may visit the Blackbird leathers site. They have various top-grain leather wallet articles, from retro series of classical touches to post-modern designs for a casual and stylish look. Blackbird has everything to suit your taste.

2. Borjan

There is hardly a person, who is unaware from the name “Borjan” in Pakistan. This brand was initially started as shoe store but it’s popularity, marketing and selection of leather quality has made it an emerging name in Pakistan. Now, they are also dealing in men’s wallets. Their wallets are not just made up of full or top grain. They are making wallets for everyone, whether you want a genuine leather or top grain wallet. They will provide you what you desire. Their wallets come with wallets come with the right functionality and aesthetics.

Borjan’s top grain leather wallet: MAO477

3. HUB

HUB’s enduring passion for natural leather is well known in Pakistan. HUB is also one of the top-rated and most affordable men’s leather wallet brands in Pakistan. The commitment to stay on the cutting edge is a combination of an innovative approach and their long heritage of leather & textile manufacturing, tracing the foundation back to a trading house of leather hides set up in the early 1900s. At HUB, you can choose from a wide variety of premium leather products in Pakistan. Be it a routine everyday item, a high-fashion accessory or a business essential, they strive to offer something for everyone.

EVIDENT – BLUE – 5200 pkr

4. Jafferjees

Jafferjees is the oldest and most reputable leather wallet brand in Pakistan. The leather wallet price in Pakistan is quite high but if we take its durability, style, and design into account, it’s worth it. Jafferjees has been present in the leather industry since 1800 and still, it is casting a huge impact on the Pakistan leather market. Their success in Pakistan leather market is based on these 3 reasons:

jafferjees featured products

There are numerous brands in Pakistan but we have listed these aforementioned brands to save your money and time. If you still want to explore all top ten leather wallet brands in Pakistan then we may suggest you our featured and ranked article below:

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