Norway is known for its love of high-quality leather goods. There are several top leather wallet brands in the country that cater to this demand. These brands offer a range of wallet styles and designs, from classic bi-fold and tri-fold wallets to minimalist card holders and coin purse wallets. Many of these brands use only the highest quality leather. The leather is sourced from some of the world’s most reputable tanneries, to create products that are both durable and stylish.

In addition to quality materials, these brands also prioritize ethical and sustainable production practices, using eco-friendly and socially responsible methods. Whether you’re looking for a classic leather wallet for everyday use or a more modern and stylish option, there are plenty of top leather wallet brands to choose from in Norway. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best leather wallet brands in Norway and what sets them apart from the rest.

10. Lucra Leather

Colorful Leather Wallets by Luca Leather

Lucra Leather is a Norwegian brand that specializes in handmade leather goods, including leather wallets. Their wallets are made using high-quality leather that is sourced from Italy and the UK and are designed with a minimalist aesthetic. Lucra Leather offers a variety of wallet styles for both men and women, including bi-fold, cardholder, and coin purse wallets. Their wallets come in a range of colors to suit different preferences. Lucra Leather prides itself on using traditional techniques to create high-quality leather goods that are made to last.

They take great care in every step of the production process to ensure that their products are of the highest quality. According to the brand, leather serves as both a useful resource and a nostalgic object for people. When facing the leather, a person can view his forefathers’ legacy. Also, feeling the leather allows one to recall the item’s history. As a result, they believe that leather is a very faithful friend of the people, so they’re happy to encounter leather products.

9. Thune Chopard


Chopard is one of the most luxurious Swiss wallet brands that specialize in high-end watches, jewelry, and accessories. The brand also offers a collection of leather goods, including wallets, that are crafted from premium materials and designed with elegance and sophistication. Thune is an authorized retailer of Chopard products, including their leather wallets. Thune has several locations in Oslo, Norway where you can find their selection of Chopard wallets.

You can also browse their collection online on their website. Chopard leather wallets are known for their exquisite craftsmanship, attention to detail, and luxurious finishes. Chopard wallets are designed to be both practical and stylish, with ample space for cards, bills, and coins, and often include extra compartments for IDs and other belongings. However, as a luxury brand, Chopard wallets are typically priced at a premium, and may not be accessible to everyone.

8. Saddler

Wallet Ambrose by Saddler

Swedish leather brand Saddler – has had the good fortune to devote their time to their passion for many years. Also, they operate actual storefronts in several cities throughout Norway, such as Oslo and Bergen. They value unwavering craftsmanship and materials, as well as the leather’s inherent beauty. Saddler is dedicated to producing high-quality leather goods that will last a lifetime.

Saddler leather wallets are known for their high quality, durability, and classic design. They are made from premium quality leather, with attention to detail in every aspect of the product. Meanwhile, Saddler offers a variety of styles and sizes of wallets, from bi-fold and tri-fold to cardholders and coin purses. Some of their popular collections include the Classic Collection, which features simple and timeless designs, and the Rustic Collection, which has a more rugged and textured appearance.

7. Sandqvist

Sandqvist Manfred Leather Billfold Wallet

Three childhood friends, Anton, Daniel, and Sebastian, formed Sandqvist in 2004. They recognized the need for bags that could be used in the town and the forest as outdoor enthusiasts residing in Stockholm. Hence, Sandqvist has always combined incredibly practical functionality with a chic, minimalist appearance with a distinct focus on ecologically friendly, sustainable materials.

The high-end wallets are made of Swedish full-grain aniline-dyed leather. The leather wallets by Sandqvist also have intelligent design elements including several card slots, coin sections, and snap closures for increased protection. Moreover, Customers can personalize their leather wallets with the brand’s personalization services by adding their initials or other identifying information.

6. The Monte

The Monte-Purse Medium

In Scandinavia, The Monte is one of the most well-known names in leather accessories. Since the brand’s launch in 2000, its popularity has increased tremendously. The Monte is present in 10 different nations, and the brand’s goal is to provide “Value for Money” to its clients. An extensive variety of buffalo or cow leather is used to make The Monte’s bags and wallets.

The three types of buffalo leather they primarily use are the first, which is structured and has a lovely shiny surface, the second, which is soft and flexible, and the third, which has a rustic, vintage appearance. Cow leather comes in two varieties that we typically work with one that is very supple and flexible and the other that has a pull-up effect that gives the surface patina. Vegetable tanning, a method that preserves the leather’s inherent properties while being kind to the environment, is used most frequently for The Monte items.

5. Cala Jade

Zip clutch wallet Iggi by Cala Jade

Cala Jade is an Oslo-based brand that specializes in high-end, handcrafted leather bags and accessories. The beginning of an enduring friendship and the birth of their leather goods company Cala Jade occurred when Elise Kleiva Ugland and Tina Cecilie Skaar first met up on the metro on their way to their first day of design school. The Oslo-based brand was established in 2007 and is focused on the production of elegant, handcrafted leather bags and accessories.

Their design style is centered on the contrast and entwining of the feminine and elegant Cala and the androgynous and risk-taking Jade. The result is an edgy, yet classic style centered on top-notch leather and environmentally friendly design. Each item made by Cala Jade is carefully handcrafted in an Indian workshop that specializes in weaving and braiding leather. All of the leather is carefully supplied from climate-resilient tanneries in Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

4. Vulcan Norway

Double Sleeve Leather Wallet in Red Bull by Vulcan Norway

The ancient trade of handcrafted leather items from Norway is being revived by Vulcan Norway. Only the best materials are used in their work; these include excellent Italian vegan leather, well-known shell cordovan, and chromexcel from Horween. The quality of their products literally smells lovely! To prevent fraying or coming loose with wear, the products are hand sewn with Japanese bonded polyester thread from Vinymo.

All products are traditionally saddle stitched, so even if one stitch breaks, the rest won’t be impacted. Every single piece is entirely handmade from beginning to end. They devote their entire being to the craft. There is not a single piece exactly like yours because each is created with the highest attention and devotion.


Men’s Distressed Genuine Leather Six Card Slots Wallet by SCIN

SCIN is a Norwegian brand that produces high-quality leather goods, including wallets, bags, and accessories. The brand is based in Oslo, Norway, and has gained popularity for its minimalist and stylish designs. They distinguish themselves via superior quality, comfort, and style. Their extensive staff of designers, artisans, and support personnel go above and beyond to fulfill your goal to satisfy your desire for superior leather wallets.

Our top-grain, hand-selected leather is the standard bearer for strength and quality. The most skilled hands have created these leather items, which are delivered to you with affection and, of course, style. The extensive selection of leather accessories includes the most sought-after authentic leather jackets in Oslo, NO-AB, as well as leather wallets, belts, handbags, and handbags. By selecting SCIN, you can find all of your leather needs met under one roof.

2. EXENTRI Wallet

Multiwallet By Exentri Wallet

A high-quality Norwegian invention, the EXENTRI® Wallet is made to complete transactions fast and effectively. Your two most used cards can be accessed without opening your wallet thanks to the EXENTRI® Wallet. There are seven card pockets plus a separate area for receipts and notes. To make them simple to locate and use, credit cards are safeguarded separately and have their own pocket apertures.

It is a traditional but cutting-edge product. You can use it for yourself or as a gift. The item is both unique and conventional. It is a compact wallet made of genuine leather with all the features of most wallets. The more recent models also come with RFID protection and a little coin pouch. Coins, money, credit cards, and receipts all have their proper places. With over 2.000.000 sales, EXENTRITM is a design that is registered globally.

1. Blackbird Leathers

Elegant Trifold Leather Wallet by Blackbird Leather

Blackbird is a leather goods brand that has become a favorite among Norwegian consumers, even though the brand is originally from Pakistan. Blackbird’s wallets are made from premium leather and are designed with a minimalist aesthetic that is both functional and stylish. They offer a range of wallet styles for both men and women, including bi-fold, tri-fold, and cardholder wallets.

Many of their wallets come in a range of colors to suit different preferences. Blackbird’s popularity in Norway is due in part to its commitment to sustainability and ethical production. They use only high-quality materials that are responsibly sourced, and they ensure that their production process is both environmentally and socially responsible. Blackbird’s leather wallets are a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, sustainable, and stylish wallet that will stand the test of time.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Norway is home to several top leather wallet brands that offer high-quality, stylish, and sustainable products. From the classic designs of A-SHU and Morris to the minimalist and handmade styles of Lucra Leather and Blackbird, there is a wallet brand for every taste and budget. These brands prioritize quality materials, ethical production practices, and timeless designs to create products that will stand the test of time.

In addition to their wallets, many of these Leather wallet brands offer a range of leather goods, including bags, belts, and accessories, allowing customers to create a cohesive and stylish look. Whether you’re a fan of classic leather or prefer something more modern and minimalist, Norway’s top leather wallet brands have you covered. So why not invest in a high-quality leather wallet today and enjoy the timeless style and durability that comes with a well-crafted piece of leather?