Rev up your style with the timeless allure of vintage leather jackets designed for motorcycle enthusiasts. In the world of motorcycle fashion, the right jacket not only provides protection but also makes a bold statement. We, at Blackbird Leathers, understand the essence of blending functionality with style. A quality motorcycle vintage leather jacket has inherent worth that all riders, experienced or not, recognize. It represents motorcycle tradition and culture more than just a fashion statement. The classic leather jacket, combined with classic charm and tough sophistication, has been a staple of the biker lifestyle for decades. In this comprehensive guide, we present the top 6 motorcycle vintage leather jacket brands that stand out in the crowd.

6. Furygan

vintage leather jacket

SHERMAN EVO – € 469.90

In 1967, Michel and Jacques Segura founded Segura. Located in the southern French city of Nimes, they gained notoriety for their stylish leather jackets and their connections to the best French racers of the day. However, the brothers had already parted ways early on, with Jacques departing to create his own business. Initially known as Fury Gant (the French word for glove), the company produced gloves for a range of industries, including the French military.

As a self-avowed motorcyclist, Jacque broadened his duties and began to take on his brother. Fury Gant changed its name to Furygan, and it is now a major participant in the motorcycle apparel industry. Like the other brands featured, Furygan develops its products in elite racing—collaborating, for example, with TT ace Michael Dunlop—but in recent years, riders of streetfighter-style machines have shown a particular fondness for the brand’s textile line.

5. Rev’It!

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Jacket Parallax, Vintage Leather Jacket, full-leather urban sport jacket – $549.99

Established in 1995, Rev’It! is a Dutch firm that has emerged as a contender to challenge Italy’s dominance in the luxury motorcycle apparel market. Like RST, they were initially positioned as a mid-market alternative, standing in between the pricy Dainese and similar products and the cheap, awful products that flooded the market in the 1990s.

Rev’It! was only previously available in the Benelux nations, decided to go on the American market in 2002 and joined the MotoGP in 2008 alongside French rider Randy de Puniet. Since then, the business has grown steadily, taking home multiple design accolades and collaborating with motorbike manufacturers like Ducati and Yamaha to produce collections.

4. RST


Since its 1988 introduction, RST has been a major success in the UK, although being rarely known outside of these borders. The Derbyshire-based brand began with a line of basic leather jackets and gloves under the Rhino brand to provide a cost-effective substitute for the luxury names. Rhino developed into Rhino Sport Technology, which gave rise to RST as it exists today. With investments in cutting-edge technology and an internal design team to create new goods, the business has only grown stronger.

The firm is active in the British superbike market, where it produces its race apparel, even though it is most comfortable on British roadways. The brand has become a best-seller in the UK, and you can find its array of premium, reasonably priced goods at almost every biker meet you go to. Using technology created by the French business In & Motion, RST has introduced a line of clothing with inbuilt airbags. While they are primarily well-known in the UK, they are also expanding internationally, especially in Australia and South Africa.

3. Dainese

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Like Alpinestars, Dainese is most famous for its racing achievements, particularly for its collaborations with world-class riders like the late, great Valentino Rossi. When Dainese was founded in 1972 by 20-year-old Lino Dainese, the company initially produced motocross pants. However, by 1975, the renowned road racer Giacomo Agostini was donning the company’s full leather outfits. Modern cutting methods and the use of elastic inserts gave Dainese’s suits their reputation for being more comfortable and well-fitting than competing products.

Dainese and Sheene collaborated in 1979 to produce the first back protector, which is now a standard piece of protective gear. In 1981, they created knee sliders for Kenny Roberts’ Dainese suit. Roberts was sponsored by Alpinestars, which is interesting because he wore their boots with his Dainese leathers. This is not something that would happen in the modern era as both companies offer an extensive range of protective gear. Throughout the 1980s, the business developed the current race suit, and by 1989, they were also producing gloves. Being the only brand to provide head-to-toe safety, the company expanded into boots and helmets as well. In addition to motorbikes, Dainese created gear for winter sports, equestrian pursuits, and mountain biking. It also made astronaut safety gear.

In 2000, the company began developing its first airbag technology, called D-air, which was utilized in MotoGP racing seven years later. In the event of a collision, the massive airbags would deploy over the suit. Subsequently, this technology was downsized and incorporated into the suit. It has subsequently been licensed to other producers for use in their goods. The large Dainese group, which produces an extensive line of upscale leather and textile apparel for motorcycle riders of all stripes, now includes the helmet manufacturer AGV.

2. Alpinestars


One of the “big two” leather producers in Italy is undoubtedly Alpinestars. In addition, they are most likely one of the top two makers in the world, along with Dainese. The company was originally named after its founding as a manufacturer of ski and mountain climbing boots in Asolo, northern Italy, in 1963. By 1965, Alpinestars had produced its first motocross boots. The name is an English version of Stella Alpina, the mountain flowers that blossomed around the young company’s headquarters in the Alps.

With the inclusion of steel reinforcement at stress points and ski boot-style buckles, Alpinestars has built a reputation for introducing innovative designs and increased protection to their footwear. The brand entered road racing and supplied boots for Kenny Roberts when he won the 1978 500cc world title. Roger de Coster, a strong force in motocross in the 1970s, was a Belgian.

The company began producing apparel in the 1990s, albeit it was still primarily a boot producer. In 1999, Carlos Checa made the debut of the brand’s first leather suit during the 500cc Grand Prix. In the twenty-first century, Alpinestars has made significant investments in the creation of motorcycle safety gear. Because they work with professional racers, they have access to the harshest testing environments; they have data-logged their top riders and found forces of more than 20 g in certain collisions. Leading the way in airbag innovation, Alpinestars provides its technology in a multitude of products and licenses the Tech-Air technology to other manufacturers. In addition to providing a range of protective clothing for drivers, they participate in auto racing.

1. Blackbird Leathers

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Armand Maroon | Motorcycle Vintage Leather Jacket | Men – $300

Established in 2018, Blackbird Leathers has swiftly risen to prominence as the epitome of excellence in the world of motorcycle vintage leather jackets. Founded with a passion for craftsmanship and a commitment to timeless style, Blackbird Leathers has become synonymous with the pursuit of perfection. The brand’s vintage leather jacket stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of contemporary design and the enduring allure of vintage aesthetics. Meticulously crafted with precision and care, each Blackbird Leathers jacket tells a story of quality and sophistication.

What sets Blackbird Leathers apart is not just its dedication to style but also its relentless pursuit of functionality. The jackets are not mere fashion statements; they are a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing riders with an unparalleled experience on the road. From sleek silhouettes to rugged detailing, every piece in the Blackbird Leathers collection exudes a sense of adventure and rebellion inherent in motorcycle culture.

In a remarkably short span, Blackbird Leathers has earned a reputation as the go-to choice for riders who demand the best in both fashion and durability. The brand’s jackets transcend mere clothing; they embody a lifestyle, a symbol of timeless authenticity, making Blackbird Leathers a true leader in the motorcycle fashion landscape since its inception in 2018.

Final Thoughts

These six brands are the best when it comes to vintage motorbike leather jackets, and they each have their distinct styles. There’s a brand that fits your style choices, whether it’s rebel coolness, classic elegance, or cutting-edge designs. We at Blackbird Leathers know how important it is to have the ideal jacket, therefore we warmly encourage you to peruse our carefully chosen selection, which brings together the finest features of these leading brands.


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