Pakistanis are passionate about leather and appreciate owning and using leather products. For this reason, there are so many leather brands that have a diverse range of products available. But only a few companies sell high-quality leather goods at a discount. The use of leather card holders is not just limited to men. It is a unisex product that men and women, especially professionals, may both benefit from. They’re a must for people who want to give up traditional wallets and are frequently referred to as credit/debit card holder wallets. In this article, we will provide you an insight into the top 10 card holders in Pakistan. So, without any hesitation, scroll down your screen.

10. Oxenhide Leather Card Holders

Oxenhide Card Holder Wallet

When discussing leather card holders, how can anyone ignore oxenhide? In the race of leather wallets, oxenhide is unbeatable. They manufacture leather wallets in a variety of styles and patterns from slim wallets and even croc wallets. Realize that the use of high-grade leather contributes to the quality of the oxenhide wallet. They offer superior, environmentally-friendly leather and Crazy Horse/antique Leather. These cardholders with a flap enclosure and can store 6 to 30 cards supported by a year’s Warranty. 

9. Hutch Leather Billfold Card Holder Wallet

Hutch Leather Billfold Card Holder Wallet

For those who choose to explore, Hutch provides a colorful, vibrant range of wallets. Additionally, Hutch makes long clip wallets and bifold cardholders. The hutch wallet’s sections are its best feature. Remember that hutch wallets may accommodate a number of cards and papers. These wallets can also be used as passport wallets for work at airports. This stylish cardholder wallet will help you keep your cards organized. made with top-notch leather to withstand normal wear and tear. There is plenty of room in the compartments to keep your cards organized.

8. DAB Card Holders

DAB Card Holders

By offering a large variety of leather card holders, DAB keeps its commitment to satisfying all types of leather enthusiasts in Pakistan. We provide credit/debit card holders in various sizes, hues, and forms. While some of their cardholders offer four card pockets in addition to a cash pocket, some give possibilities for over eight cards. Some are simple card holders made of brown and black leather. For the daring and inventive, there are also debit card holders in various colors. Additionally, they provide bi-fold leather card holders that open similarly to traditional wallets but are significantly smaller and more streamlined.

Other leather card holders have front openings that make it easy to quickly slip them into and out of pockets. The best thing about DAB’s leather card holder selection is how reasonably priced and pocket-friendly it is. The brand’s mission is to provide high-end goods at reasonable prices as part of its core values. Everyone should be able to enjoy the luxury of leather, and we make every effort to live up to our ideals. Because of this, DAB’s leather card holders are reasonably priced, and they also provide FREE national delivery for orders of more than Rs 1000.

7. MANGO’s Anti-contactless Leather-effect Card Holder

MANGO’s Anti-contactless leather-effect card holder

Mango wants to encourage the adoption of environmentally friendly techniques and so boost the proportion of eco-friendly clothing in its line. The clothing with the Committed label has lessened its environmental effect by employing sustainable materials or manufacturing techniques. The item has multiple card slots, PU, faux leather made from recycled polyester, and faux leather trim. The most distinguishing feature of this leather wallet is that it is a part of their Gift Guide and has RFID protection against contactless theft.

6. Hubvio Absolute Card Holder 

Hubvio Absolute Card Holder 

The creation of HubVio’s flawless leather products is entrusted to only the highest-quality materials and craftspeople. Find out what real workmanship and perfect attention to detail can produce. This small cardholder can meet your needs every day. One gusseted pocket for business cards is included in this item, which is made of top-grain cowhide leather. There are four credit card slots and one receipt pocket. The rear has an open pocket. The artists meticulously center each emblem one at a time. The insignia is in the center, however, the machine’s manual pressure operation could cause the emblem to move. According to our policy, this quality does not damage the product’s aesthetics and cannot be considered a complaint.

5. HUB Card Holder

HUB Card Holder

A discerning clientele can select from a large selection of high-end leather products in Pakistan and overseas at HUB. They aim to provide a product for everyone, whether a common daily item, a high-fashion accessory, or a necessary item for the business. Their card holders are ideal for organizing cards and other daily necessities in this charming compact size made with premium quality leather, Bi-fold opening, “see-through,” and multi-functional card slots. They are made with intricate stitch work and feature multiple slot details in the stylishly cut design.

4. Rio Brougham 97

Rio Brougham 97

Cherishing premium quality leather products, exclusively crafted in Pakistan! When it comes to choosing your wallet, leather made is the obvious choice. Metallic and carbon fiber wallets are also out there to experiment with. Still, when style and class are in focus, nothing can outmatch the beauty of a perfectly crafted and carefully stitched top-quality leather wallet. Brougham 97 provides you with the most egile and perfectly slim Unisex leather card holder in five different shades with 1x window pocket, 4x card slots, and 2x side slots for cash.

3. Blackbird Leathers Credit Card Holder 

Blackbird Leathers Credit Card Holder 

Premium grade cowhide leather (Suede leather), which is supple and comforting to the touch, was used to make this Blackbird hand-crafted men’s wallet. It has a sumptuous aesthetic and unrivaled durability thanks to the innovative stitching and premium leather combination. The lightweight, small design of the basic business card holder makes it simple to store and transport. Six card slots and one zippered compartment in this small front pocket wallet for men are sufficient to handle all of your everyday cards, including ID cards, credit cards, business cards, medical cards, gift cards, discount cards, driver’s licenses, and more. The travel wallet’s zip-up construction perfectly safeguards your sensitive data while also giving it a chic, unique, and simple appearance.

2. Vintage Street COMET Card Holder

Vintage Street Card Holder

Money is a very significant matter. It takes effort to make it, save it, and invest in it. Therefore, let’s get to work with our new Vintage Steet card holders. Traditional in looks, and modern in features, The Vintage street’s card holders are designed for people who value current aesthetics while demanding more from their wallets. It assists in separating products you use more frequently from others that are significant but less frequently needed by holding all the money and cards you may need. These high-quality wallets are made of our Full Grain Cow Leather with durable stitching and lining to ensure they will withstand your regular use. The wallets are thin and will go easily into your back pocket.

1. Jafferjees Paris Card Case

Jafferjees Paris Card Case

It is one of the oldest leather products companies in the world, with a history that dates back to 1880. They offer designs that stand the test of time and help you leave an impression. Gifts from Jafferjees that are personalized are sure to make your loved ones smile. A day-to-night collection with clean lines and natural elegance made from the finest leather,  The Paris card case, which is made from our stylish vertical grain leather, is the perfect accessory for people who enjoy showing off their personal flair. It has three (3) slots for credit/debit cards and a pocket with gussets for extra cards.

People Also Ask!

How long should a cardholder last?

A good quality leather card holder should last around 2-3 years on average.

Why is cardholder important?

Protecting the customer’s card or badge is the cardholder’s actual purpose. The cardholder can accommodate any form of standard (ISO) card, including bank and transportation cards, making it a multipurpose item that can serve the demands of numerous consumers.

Can you use a cardholder as a wallet?

Bulky wallets should be avoided in favor of smaller ones. There’s no need to lug around a lot of cash and unused cards. A cardholder or other minimalist wallet is the best choice whether you’re going to the gym, going for a jog, or going on a hike.

Final Thoughts

The cardholder brand is an important consideration. You must decide on a brand that produces cardholders in your preferred style. Everyone needs to choose a brand of statement wallet. There are numerous businesses that produce wallets, but be aware that not every brand will work with your budget. Each of them has benefits, drawbacks, and a particular theme. But other brands stick out because they are unique. You should be familiar with these ten leather cardholder brands listed above if you live in Pakistan.

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