When it comes to leather, Pakistan stands tall as a hub of craftsmanship and style. With a rich heritage of producing some of the finest leather items. The land of Pakistan is not just known for its diverse culture and breathtaking landscapes but also for its thriving leather industry. With a history deeply rooted in craftsmanship and artistry, Pakistan boasts an array of leather brands that have captured both local and global attention. In this article, we explore the 23 top leather brands in Pakistan. However, each brand, a testament to quality, innovation, and tradition, offers a unique story that unfolds in the soft touch of leather.

Table of Contents

  1. Gucci
  2. Blackbird Leathers
  3. Mont Blanc
  4. Giorgio Armani
  5. Levi’s
  6. Jafferjees
  7. Outfitters
  8. Borjan
  9. Caprahem
  10. Vintage Street
  11. Auroch
  12. DAB Leather Accessories
  13. Bear Necessities
  14. Jild
  15. Silk Skin Leathers
  16. Mont5
  17. Corio
  18. HUB
  19. Bata
  20. Sputnik
  21. The Leather Point
  22. Kasuri Enterprises
  23. Haider International

1. Gucci

Gucci is a Florence, Italy-based high-end luxury fashion house. However, its product categories include purses, makeup, fragrances, accessories, footwear, ready-to-wear, and home décor. Guccio Gucci established Gucci in Florence, Tuscany, in 1921. Gucci became a globally recognized brand and an emblem of the Italian Dolce Vita under the leadership of Aldo Gucci, the son of Guccio.

Additionally, they manufacture nearly every kind of wallet. wallets that are basic or incredibly blingy, money clips, bi-fold wallets, and tri-fold wallets Gucci makes some extremely expensive wallets. Gucci’s Canvas Black Supreme, for example, retails for $440, but converting that sum to Pakistani rupees would cost 1,21,200, making this brand unaffordable for the majority of Pakistanis. Thus, only the wealthy can afford it.

If you truly want to make a grand impression at your aristocratic gatherings, Gucci is the way to go.

top leather brands in pakistan

GG Canvas Supreme Gucci wallet 440$

2. Blackbird Leathers

If the smooth, luxurious texture of the leather is calling your fingertips, and if the workmanship of the premium leather at an affordable price catches your attention. Then, Blackbird Leathers is the best leather brand available. However, it is one of the best leather brands that guys may get in Pakistan and is famous. A variety of handcrafted, natural men’s leather wallets, accessories, and other unique products feature vital elements such as dexterous craftsmanship, pure leather aroma, modern style, spaciousness, and elegance. Moreover, every wallet is handmade, with the exception of the stitching, which is done by machine to ensure the longevity of the wallet and all other products. Blackbird is proud to use products that are sourced ethically, to lessen its carbon footprint, and to adopt eco-friendly procedures.

Additionally, the greatest and most notable feature of Blackbird Leathers is the stark difference between the cost of their goods and their quality. Blackbird sells wallets for $30, although GUCCI and LOUIS sell them for more than $150. The quality and longevity of Blackbird’s wallets are far superior to those of the two brands mentioned above. It is true that when brands gain popularity, they begin to adulterate their products, but Blackbird Leathers never skimps on quality and places the needs of their customers first. Thus, this is the only explanation for their enormous customer base.

Blackbird is the way to go if you genuinely want to create a big impression at your exclusive events without going over budget.

top leather brands in the world

Blackbird’s premium classic men’s wallet – 1,500

3. Mont Blanc

A prominent and well-known brand in high-end leather goods is Montblanc International. The firm is a Hamburg-based German manufacturer of luxury products. However, the company Montblanc manufactures a variety of goods, such as writing instruments, travel gear, jewelry, timepieces, and wallets. Though they cost a lot, their wallets are more durable than anticipated. Everybody can find something they like, as they offer an endless variety of designs and styles.


4. Giorgio Armani

Nearly all oniomania are familiar with the Italian wallet brand Giorgio Armani, which was created in honor of renowned fashion designer Giorgio Armani. Among the most well-known names in high-end fashion today is Giorgio Armani. However, wallets that are elegant, fashionable, and long-lasting originate from their elite designers. Their designs remain current even after years of use.

top leather brands in pakistan

$ 125

5. Levi’s

The American apparel firm Levi Strauss & Co. is well-known across the globe for its denim pants under the Levi’s name. This business is a “pioneer of denim.” In May 1853, German immigrant Levi Strauss created it. Originally, they were manufacturers of denim pants, but later on, they expanded to include all men’s accessories, such as high-quality, reasonably priced wallets. However, the cost of their wallets varies from 2k to 10k, based on the level of durability and craftsmanship. For instance, the price of the brown passcase, one-size Levi’s Men’s RFID Traveler Wallet is 6.5k. Conversely, some Levi’s wallets cost up to $13,000 as well.


6. Jafferjees

Another Pakistani brand that focuses on leather accessories is Jafferjees. Jafferjees is one of the oldest leather goods brands in the world, having been in business since 1880. However, their men’s leather wallets are of excellent quality. The majority of their wallets are excellent but pricey.

Berlin Wallet – PKR 2,650.00

7. Outfitters

The Outfitters brand originates from Pakistan’s dynamic youth, who take pleasure in using the newest social media, music, fashion, and technological trends to reflect who they are. However, Outfitters provides a large selection of goods in each category. It is a one-stop shop for all of your Western wear needs thanks to its extensive selection of shoes, accessories, and fragrances.
Established by Kamran Khursheed Year of founding: 2003 Head Office: Pakistan

Additionally, Outfitters carry a wide selection of wallets that are both fashionable and casual. These wallets are incredibly attractive and affordable, making them ideal for the fashionable man wishing to get his first high-end wallet. It also brings the cost of self-expression for younger generations down. It is among the most well-known and favored brands of men’s wallets in Pakistan. Furthermore, Outfitters is a great option for anyone who wants a semi-casual twist and wants something stylish but still casual. Their wallets are stylish, elegant, and reasonably priced. Thus, for young guys and students looking to acquire their first “real wallet” at a discount, these are especially ideal.

Basic Block Wallet: Rs. 2,490 PKR

8. Borjan

When it comes to “men’s accessories,” Borjan is your one-stop shop. Borjan Pvt Ltd is a well-known brand in Pakistan that produces shoes of exceptional quality and strives to offer its customers the best leather wallets and shoes available. Furthermore, this brand is attracting the interest of young people with its stylish and contemporary shoes and other leather accessories for men and women. They have been providing their customers with excellent products at fair prices for the past 16 years.

Additionally, the company has opened over 47 stores in roughly 33 locations in the nation. Every year, they sell roughly 50,000 pairs of shoes. These days, their costs have deviated greatly from the typical range due to the increase in demand. However, the typical pricing range of a Borjan wallet is between 4 and 5k PKR. For those who prefer traditional wallets without patterns or logos, it could be a wise option.

top leather brands

MA1385-TAN Regular price PKR 4,000

9. Caprahem

Handmade leather accessories firm CAPRAHEM creates fashionable, high-quality goods by fusing current designs with traditional workmanship. Wallets, belts, keychains, personalized leather goods, tissue box covers, and other items are among their product offerings. Further, they exclusively utilize the best materials to make sure every product is stunning, strong, and long-lasting.

Additionally, CAPRAHEM thinks leather accessories ought to be both stylish and useful. For this reason, they collaborate closely with a team of talented artisans to produce goods that not only fulfill your demands but also go above and beyond your expectations. Thus, every piece, from the stitching to the final details, is painstakingly made to provide the best possible quality.

With CAPRAHEM, savor the elegance of handcrafted leather accessories.


10. Vintage Street

Vintage Street of Pakistan caters to middle-class and upper-class customers by offering an exclusive selection of wallets, small accessories, and high-end leather bags. Furthermore, the Vintage Street goal is to offer elegant and superior leather accessories and presents for both individuals and businesses, all the while giving customers a simple and enjoyable buying experience. As a result, the world’s best leather is used to create their trademark leather collection, which is made by Pakistan’s greatest artisans. The vendors, who are dispersed throughout Pakistan, employ state-of-the-art techniques and cutting-edge technology to produce these stylish yet really useful products.


Regular price PKR 4,900

11. Auroch

The word Aurochs refers to the ancient and exquisite leather craftsmanship that is still practiced in the center of Pakistan’s ancient city of Lahore. Value and style rolled into a simple package. For you, Aurochs is producing wallets made of premium, handcrafted, vegetable-tanned leather. Thus, thin leather wallets and leather card wallets are their areas of expertise.

top leather brands in pakistan


12. Corio

Men’s fashion house Corio is well-known in Pakistan and was a pioneer in the industry. Moreover, the variety of shoes, belts, wallets, and jackets is vast. The finest grade imported leather is used in the careful production of each product. Because their artisans have over ten years of expertise in the shoe industry, they take great satisfaction in their capacity to be innovative while also providing excellent value for customers. In this market, they offer the most variety in terms of colors, sizes, and styles. Thus, this is what sets them apart and gives their items their own identity.

top leather brands in pakistan

Leather Wallet CWMG BL – Rs.4,150

13. Jild

Over two decades, Team JILD Their commitment has demonstrated that treating clients like family is the most crucial component of a well-run brand. However, buying one of their exquisite leather goods is an investment in more than simply a lifelong supply of premium leather; it’s an investment in the belief that what sets the company apart is its clients, not its merchandise. Furthermore, the goal is to create handmade leather goods that are important and accessible, using only the best materials. The classic collections only get better with time. They use the best leathers, materials, and techniques they know to meticulously hand-make each piece. Each pattern is made entirely of leather, which ages to take on a deep, distinct patina.

top leather brands in pakistan

Croc-Style Leather Mens Wallet-Brown — RS.2,250

14. Bear Necessities

The founding principles of Bear Necessities were a passion for exploration and travel, as well as a desire to create incredibly robust and useful goods. Early on, there was a steep learning curve, but with persistence, transparency, a willingness to learn and grow, and a commitment to their goal of offering long-lasting leather classics, a strong brand with devoted customers—known affectionately as the BN family—was created.

Additionally, purchasing a Bear Necessities wallet or tote is like purchasing a lifetime friend and a lifetime of after-sale assistance. We are really excited to welcome you to the BN family and have you on board.

top leather brands in pakistan


15. DAB Leather Accessories

DAB, provides a vibrant selection of leather accessories, including wallets, belts, handbags, and, for the first time in Pakistan, cases for spectacles. However, all of their products are manufactured entirely of leather from sheep and cows, and one in particular has a guarantee.

Additionally, the belts from DAB Leather Accessories are guaranteed to endure for a minimum of two generations, a monument to the high standards of quality and durability that the company upholds. Even though DAB has only been in business for a little over a year, it has already made a name for itself as Pakistan’s leading one-stop shop for all leather accessories—and it does so at the lowest costs available!

top leather brands in pakistan

Bifold Wallet HR7 –₨ 2,000

16. Silk Skin Leathers

SilkSkin was founded in the latter part of the 1980s and produces superior leather goods. Wallets, purses, office supplies, and accessories for both men and women are among their handcrafted goods from Pakistan. For your loved ones, any SilkSkin item is a timeless purchase or gift.

top leather brands

Stiched – ₨ 2,450

17. Mont5

The idea behind MONT5 is to bring leather fans and craftspeople together directly. Eliminating intermediaries and providing benefits to both the customer and the artisans. However, they procure all of their materials locally, supporting the regional economy and minimizing the carbon imprint of goods. Every one of their items is durable, and the packaging is recyclable and reusable. Moreover, they allow customers to purchase bespoke, handcrafted leather goods at reasonable prices while spending less on marketing, along with splitting the profits with the artisans. Additionally, every item at MONT5 is crafted by hand using top-notch leather, which will undoubtedly elevate your sense of style. Thus, the best material has been used by skilled artisans to produce leather accessories that will garner lots of praise.

top leather brands in pakistan

Minimalist leather wallet ₨ 4,000

18. HUB

Mr. Farrukh Hussain Sheikh founded HUB, a retailer of high-end leather products, and it was first introduced in 2001. The main brand of Urban Brands, which has a long history in the leather and textile industries and traces its roots to a leather trade business established in the early 1900s, is HUB. Furthermore, sophisticated wallets, high-end office bags, bespoke accessories, travel needs, and luxury handbags are just a few of the leather product lines that HUB’s discerning clients can select from. With the help of a knowledgeable and driven team of professionals, as well as technology assistance, they place a high value on design and attention to detail. Thus, this expertly run system is considerate of both its domestic and foreign clients’ needs. In order to serve customers throughout Pakistan and beyond, HUB is expanding its physical presence in four key cities as well as online.

top leather brands in pakistan

HUNT – BLACK – RS.4,400.00 PKR

19. Bata

The Bata Corporation is a worldwide footwear company of Moravian descent that was established on September 21, 1894. Its headquarters are in Lausanne, Switzerland, and it manufactures and sells clothing and fashion items. With 150 million pairs of shoes sold a year, the company is among the top shoemakers in the world by volume.

Bata Wallets – Men – Rs.799.00

20. Sputnik

Since its founding in 1990, Sputnik has become an established brand in Pakistan for fashionable and long-lasting leather goods. They are a well-liked brand among Pakistanis thanks to their creative designs and meticulous attention to detail.

Rs. 3,000

21. The Leather Point – TIP

The Leather Point was founded in 2000 as a premium leather goods producer, wholesaler, and retailer. With a rising retail presence in many cities throughout Pakistan, it has evolved into a fully-fledged premium lifestyle brand in line with the vision of its CEO, Mr. HAFIZ IRFAN AHMED. Furthermore, the company is dedicated to creating items of the highest caliber and with the most options, all composed of eco-friendly materials like leather and semi-leather, which completely protect the environment.

Leather Wallet 3512 – Rs. 2,600

22. Kasuri Enterprises

As an exporter of leather goods, Kasuri Private Limited operates both domestically and internationally. It also serves as a buyer’s agent for hides and skins and fosters trade relations between foreign buyers and sellers in Pakistan’s leather industry. Kasuri Private Limited is creating a higher quality standard for the manufacturing of leather goods made from cow, goat, and buffalo hair that are used to make wallets, caps, handbags, ladies’ bags, laptop bags, and other items.

Hair On Leather Designed Wallets – 3,000

23. Haider International

One of the most trustworthy businesses in the leather manufacturing sector is Haider International. They are experts at producing a wide range of goods, such as gloves, fashion clothes, textile clothing, motorbike apparel, and multiple accessories. The business is known for its constant dedication to workmanship and quality, which is evident in the superiority of each product they make. Haider International provides fashionable apparel that satisfies the highest standards of quality in addition to protective gear, catering to a broad spectrum of consumer needs.

Rs. 2,000

Following is the List of the Top Leather Brands in Pakistan & price comparison of wallets

Sr. No.BrandPrice Comparison (PKR)
2Blackbird Leathers1,500
3Mont Blanc66,500
4Giorgio Armani34,450
10Vintage Street4,900
12DAB Leather Accessories2,000
13Bear Necessities10,100
15Silk Skin Leathers2,000
21The Leather Point2,600
22Kasuri Enterprises3,000
23Haider International2,000

Blackbird is a symbol of the finest leather goods available in Pakistan and across the globe. Their reputation is built on a foundation of both great quality and affordability. Few companies can match Blackbird’s level of craftsmanship in producing high-end leather goods at affordable prices. Customers adore them as a result of their dedication to affordable luxury, both in Pakistan and beyond. Blackbird has cemented its status as a leading leather brand by combining affordability with unparalleled quality. It continuously produces exceptional items that meet the wide range of demands of style-conscious consumers.

Final Thoughts

In the world of leather, 23 top leather brands in Pakistan exhibit a seamless blend of heritage, craftsmanship, and modernity. From luxury to affordability, tradition to bold innovation, these brands offer a wide spectrum of choices to cater to the diverse tastes of consumers. Whether you seek elegance, durability, or a unique style statement, you’re sure to find it among these remarkable leather brands.


Q. Is leather in Pakistan good quality?

Pakistani skins are generally regarded as some of the best in the world. This skin is visually appealing and possesses great strength and endurance. Pakistani leather is frequently used in the apparel and other industry sectors.

Q. What is the most luxurious leather?

shell Cordovan

The shell cordovan, which is made from the flat muscles behind the hide of a horse’s rump, produces the world’s most expensive exotic leather. Not many places in the world raise horses for leather, as you can imagine.

Q. Where to buy premium leather in bulk?

Blackbird offers worldwide delivery of raw leather and leather items including premium leather gloves, wallets, jackets, belts, cardholders, passport holders, keychains, and accessories whether you order a single piece or order in bulk.

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