Pakistani jacket manufacturers create jackets in a variety of forms and for a variety of uses. The most popular styles are mobster, biker, and greaser. Another well-liked fashion trend created by Pakistani manufacturers is the military aviator style that was popularised after World War II. Punk, goth, metal, and rivethead music subcultures are closely linked to the leather jacket fashions. So for your winter wardrobe, are you looking for the best leather jackets in Pakistan? Don’t worry; this blog will assist you in locating the top 10 genuine leather jackets.

10. Hawkbull – Inspired By Guardian Of The Galaxy 2 Star Lord Leather Jacket

Hawkbull – Inspired By Guardian Of The Galaxy 2 Star Lord Leather Jacket

At Hawk & Bull, we prioritize integrity, superior customer service, and transparency. Both real leather and imitation leather are used in the manufacturing of leather apparel. They promise that if you choose real leather, it will be sheep leather of the highest quality. They want to reassure you once more that if you choose faux leather, it will be high-quality and durable. The interior of the jacket has a quilted viscose lining and is lined with 100% real sheepskin leather. The garment, which draws inspiration from the Star Lord Leather Jacket from Guardian of the Galaxy 2, includes a zipper closure, a mandarin collar, long sleeves, and two besom inner pockets with a plain finish.

9. Jack Leather’ 4 Pocket Leather Jacket

Jack Leather’ 4 Pocket Leather Jacket

The brand has established a remarkable reputation for producing and offering premium leather jackets and has a lot of versatility and timeless appeal. Take a look if you want your new leather jacket to be fashionable but not extravagant, and it should be constructed of soft yet thick leather. It has a relaxed fit, and a lovely matte appearance, and is a pleasure to put on. So, how will you appear when you wear it while riding a motorcycle? Fantastic! Stretch leather at the sides, an all-around connecting zipper, 4 outside pockets, and 2 inner bags are all features of the jacket. Additionally, the product has adjustable height soft protection for your elbows and shoulders that are removable.

8. Urban Suiting’s Slim-fit biker jacket in Nappa leather

Urban Suiting’s Slim-fit biker jacket in Nappa leather Jacket

The main benefit of purchasing this jacket is the customer’s ability to select any type of leather, including sheep, cow, and buffalo leather with a variety of finishes, including analine, drum dyed, crust, crunch, stonewash, etc. Additionally, the customer is free to select any color for the shell cloth. The product is made entirely of nylon or polyester, depending on consumer preference. It is slim fitting, or the buyer can also supply a sizing chart for manufacture. Additionally, it has two front zipped pockets and two interior pockets, one of which is zippered and the other is open.

7. Leathershub Black Bomber Men Sheep Leather Jacket in Hood

Leathershub Black Bomber Men Sheep Leather Jacket in Hood

Leather Hub is the premier high-end custom leather goods and motorbike clothing designer in Pakistan. Their leather goods are sold at some of the best boutiques, stores, and locations across the country. They strive to offer our customers the finest leather items in the market by utilizing the highest-grade materials available and decades of expertise. Designed specifically for winter fashion wears, the black bomber men’s sheep leather jacket has a hood. Sheep and cowhide leather are both options for the fleece hood. Additionally, it has a twin handwarmer pocket with a silver aluminum zipper, a double chest pocket, and an original YKK silver aluminum zipper.

6. MA Leather’s Cafe Racer Leather Armor Biker Jacket

MA Leather’s Cafe Racer Leather Armor Biker Jacket

Since the brand carries our entire lives in their jackets, they only utilize the best materials. Everything begins with raw materials. They use full-grain natural leather, YKK zippers, and polyester lining in the construction of all of their jackets. Wherever you travel, the offered LEATHER ARMOR CAFE RACER MOTORCYCLE JACKET will surprise everyone with its stunning appearance and authentic features. This jacket’s hue also gives it a polished appearance. This unique leather LEATHER ARMOR CAFE RACER MOTORCYCLE JACKET has a viscose lining stitched inside to make it comfortable. There are two inside pockets, two zippers at the chest, and two zipper pockets at the waist in addition to the snap-tab collar, striped sleeves, zipped cuffs, and front zip closure.

5. Mujjily Leather Jacket Features Premium Cowhide Blue SlimFit Motorbike Design Biker Leather Jacket

Mujjily Leather Jacket Features Premium Cowhide Blue SlimFit Motorbike Design Biker Leather Jacket

This garment from the Swedish pit is a very unpleasant yet amazing item. made from the best-used leather available. Only a classic Café Racer leather jacket of the highest caliber can rival a classic leather jacket. The motorcycle culture that rode from place to place in the 1960s and beyond gave rise to the phrase “café-racer” fashions. Utilize this energy while traveling on your own by donning the light brown soft leather jacket. Because it is made of high-quality cowhide, this sports jacket will look great and last for many years. Features include a main zip closure, a popper collar, one zip chest pocket, zip cuffs, one inside pocket, and a satin lining.

4. Kaptan’s Aviator Leather Jacket

Kaptan’s Aviator Leather Jacket

As its name suggests, Kaptan strives to become a leader in the fashion world with its impeccable stitching and exceptional patterns. As leather – like a person – develops character and matures beautifully with time, the jackets promise to inspire a confident, self-assured yet easygoing look and give a cutting edge to lead from the front. Furthermore, this aviator leather jacket is made of sheep leather to withstand the bitter cold and give it a fashionable appearance. The product comes with an original zipper, 100% Genuine Leather, and extreme comfort. Above all, It is lightweight and has an unmatched and unique style.

3. Jild’s 5-Button Men’s Lambskin Leather Blazer-Brown

Jild’s 5-Button Men’s Lambskin Leather Blazer-Brown

Jild has a prestigious reputation for creating and providing high-end leather jackets. All of their clothing is skillfully produced in the factory to the highest standards of workmanship. High-quality buttons, premium-quality button closure, two flapped side pockets, two interior pockets, and a notched lapel collar add a finishing touch to Jild’s 5-Button Men’s Lambskin Leather Blazer-Brown. The item is expertly sewn and lined with 100% soft polyester. It is wrapped safely and can be customized based on size.

2. Idrees Leather’s Distressed Burgundy Leather Jacket

Idrees Leather’s Distressed Burgundy Leather Jacket

The most recognizable brand in the leather industry, Idrees Leather located in Panorama store, Lahore, offers all products that are produced entirely of genuine animal skin. One of the best pieces of clothing from the brand, the Distressed Burgundy Leather Jacket has an inside polyester lining and is manufactured of 100% genuine cowhide leather. The jacket has a band collar and a zipper closure. It has two pockets on the inside and two on the outside. It comes in four different colors: Brown, Black, and Chocolate.

1. Qureshi Leathers Black Croco Leather Biker Jackets

Qureshi Leather’s Black Croco Leather Biker Jackets

This elegant leather jacket is crafted from real crocodile leather and features snap buttons, pockets, and other significant decorative accents. They have a distinct grace and sophistication. These coats will undoubtedly give your individuality a spark. The jacket has a distinct texture, and the design is striking. The front of the jacket has two pockets, and they are not made in the same way as the arms. The jacket’s sleeves contain a split pattern. The midsection of the jacket also features a stylish zipper. In keeping with the overall contrast of the jacket, the buttons are also black. Furthermore, it is perfect for every situation, including sports, work, parties, hangouts, and informal gatherings. Black is typically associated with power, grace, and authority. Above all, with the extensive selection of men’s black crocodile leather biker jackets, you can attain the same look inspired by the newest trends.

People Also Ask!

Which is the best leather for jackets?

Choose a cowhide jacket if you want something robust and protective to the fullest extent possible. Considering its thickness and durability, cowhide is most frequently chosen for motorcycle jackets. Cowhide is less durable than calfskin, which is why it is more expensive; calfskin is also considerably softer.

What kind of leather jacket is the softest?

As opposed to other varieties of hide, lambskin comes from an animal that has not reached full maturity, making it the softest type of leather available. Its extraordinarily smooth, velvet-like touch is a result of its delicate, light-layering structure.

How thick should a jacket leather be?

Leather should be at least 1.2 mm thick for optimal protection.

Final Thoughts

Pakistani leather jackets are produced for both aesthetic and protective reasons. These objectives differ greatly from one another. The safety jackets are heavier, thicker, and occasionally even armored. Safety jackets, particularly motorcycle jackets, include thick zippers, high collars, and waterproof pockets. The fashion-oriented coats, however, are made of fragile materials. When a leather jacket is tailored to your body size and shape, it looks amazing. Thus, the above-mentioned best leather jackets are meticulously made with plenty of expertise at the helm at every stage to transform raw animal skins into thrilling leather jackets. They include the most flattering shapes and pure leather materials.

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