Pakistani leather jacket brands use various animals’ tanned hides to create their jackets. The “wet blue” method is used to turn the animal hides into jackets. To manufacture leather jackets, the wet blue hides are then cleaned, dried, stretched, and dyed in a variety of hues. These shades are primarily black and brown tints.we use Full Grain leather for all of our products. The jackets are then used for protection, to look good, and occasionally to give off a potentially menacing impression.

Pakistani jacket manufacturers create jackets in a variety of forms and for a variety of uses. The most popular looks are mobster, biker, and greaser. Another well-liked fashion trend created by Pakistani manufacturers is the military aviator style that was popularised after World War II. Punk, goth, metal, and rivethead music subcultures are closely linked to jacket fashions. Here is a list of the top ten manufacturers of leather jackets in Pakistan.

10. Ultimate Leather

Ultimate Leather Leather Jacket

The Ultimate leather starts right here, putting an end to your search for a decent leather jacket. They continuously strive to offer high-quality, fast-fashion attire with opulent appearances. When we compare it to other labels, which frequently release a single jacket for $800 or more, we wonder how a regular person could afford it. Ultimateleatherers. pk strives to provide the greatest products at reasonable prices without sacrificing quality.

They design clothing pieces in real leather, cotton, wool, flannel, and imitation leather. They have designs for both men and women. Since everyone spends the most time researching the most recent trends, they only use the best materials available. Full-grain leather, YKK zippers, and viscose lining are used to create our designs. They never use additional resources to sell products; instead, they deal directly with their customers, allowing us to keep our costs low and forge enduring bonds with them.

9. MA Leathers

MA Leathers

Everyone in this modern age is inspired by and affected by fashion. The leather jacket is currently playing a significant part in the fashion business and as a fashion statement. These leather jackets are in high demand because of their exceptional quality and the variety of ways to wear them. When people presented their avant-garde ideas and wanted to dress like a celebrity or wear something similar to them or tote their fashions but lacked the funds to purchase an extremely pricey leather suit.

Considering that the renowned designer who created the leather coats we saw in fashion shows charged an exorbitant price for them. And many of us are unable to purchase these pricey leather coats. This is the inspiration behind MA Leathers. To fulfill their customers’ needs and wants, MA Leathers has provided them with premium leather jackets that include even the smallest details of their own choice.

8. Urban Suiting

Leather Jackets of Urban Suiting

Urban Suiting is an expert in manufacturing OEM apparel. Since 1997, they have produced and exported Custom Leather & Stuffed Jackets overseas. In accordance with client requests and specifications, they embellish jackets with stripes, badges, sublimation, heat transfer, appliqués, and embroidery. With 100 machines and four accessible lines, the stitching operation has the capacity to create 10,000 jackets every month.

They employ a variety of sheep, cow, goat, and buffalo leather, including aniline, drum-dyed, Nappa, semi-Nappa, skipper, nubuck, natural, milled, and cracker. The client can always personalize it to their preferences, whether it is for the design, pattern, fitting, or materials. The kind and color of the leather and cloth, the size breakdown, the zippers, buttons, inner lining, labels, tags, and even the packaging are all options. Everything will be made in accordance with your tech sheet and instruction manual.

7. Heymand International

Heymand International

The brand is committed to providing the best real leather products possible with innovation, creativity, and inventiveness. The process of quality certification begins when a client approves a product prototype. A third party independently approves the goods first, and then Heymand’s on-site quality inspector closely supervises each item. Clients are thus assured of secure, error-free final goods through the use of a formal, acknowledged process and a zero-tolerance approach to faults.

To satisfy the requirements of their clients and their brands, Heymand International is a well-known name among the top producers and exporters of all kinds of leather, leather jackets, leather coats, leather bags, leather belts, leather wallets, leather gloves, and other leather items. They are in Multan, Pakistan’s “city of saints.”

6. HUB

HUB’s Leather Jacket

Mr. Farrukh Hussain Sheikh founded HUB, a retailer of high-end leather products, which was first introduced in 2001. The main brand of Urban Brands, which has a long history in the production of leather and textiles dating back to the establishment of a leather trade firm in the early 1900s, is HUB. A picky customer’s options at HUB include a wide range of leather product lines, such as leather jackets, high-end office bags, smart wallets, luxury handbags, handcrafted accessories, and travel necessities.

With the aid of a skilled and dedicated team of professionals, as well as technological support, they place a high value on design and attention to detail. This expertly run operation is considerate of the requirements of both its domestic and foreign clients. In order to offer service throughout Pakistan and beyond, HUB has a developing retail presence in four important cities as well as online.



The brand has established a distinguished reputation for producing and offering premium leather jackets. Leather Jacket Mall has always been adaptive and inspirational with a tonne of timeless charm and versatility. The appearance of leather is timeless, allowing one to both make a daring fashion statement and a sensible financial decision. They have more than 20 years of expertise as skilled leather apparel makers.

All of their attire is expertly crafted to the highest standards of workmanship in our factory. Pick from their selection of premium motorcycle jackets, men’s leather jackets, women’s leather jackets, and leather jackets favored by celebrities. All of the apparel is of the highest quality, with a high-street slim fit and excellent design. For the trendy jackets, they use premium soft sheep leather and A GRADE high-quality cow skin leather that will last a lifetime.

4. JILD-New Leather Inn

JILD-New Leather Inn

Working Team JILD has been in business for almost 20 years. Through their perseverance, they have demonstrated that treating customers like family is the most crucial component of an effectively run business. You aren’t just buying a lifetime investment in high-quality leather when you buy one of our gorgeous leather goods; you’re also buying into the idea that it’s our clients, not our products, that set us apart.

They design practical handcrafted leather goods with the highest quality components at a reasonable price. They design classic lines that only become better with time. Utilizing the greatest processes, leathers, and materials they are aware of, they painstakingly hand-make each piece. All designs are made entirely of leather, which develops a beautiful patina over time. They use genuine lambskin leather that is 100 percent soft to the touch, along with premium stitching, 100% soft polyester lining, and button closures of the highest caliber.

3. Kaptan

Kaptan Leather Jackets

Kaptan’s adoration for leather goes back more than 50 years, and their parent company, VIP Group, is currently one of Pakistan’s top producers of leather garments, exporting leather goods to more than 25 nations worldwide. They have finally made the decision to move forward with Kaptan, a Pakistani internet brand for luxury leather goods, using our expertise and love of genuine leather products! As its name suggests, Kaptan strives to become a leader in the fashion world with its impeccable stitching and exceptional patterns.

As leather – like a person – develops character and matures beautifully with time, the jackets promise to inspire a confident, self-assured yet effortless look and give a cutting edge to lead from the front. That’s why each of their products is expertly crafted and the result of painstaking attention to detail and razor-edge perfection. They have one of the biggest collections of pure, hand-selected cow, sheep, and goat leather anywhere in the world!  The incredibly dedicated and skilled crew makes sure that every purchase is fulfilled on time and to the highest standard possible!

2. Trisis Leathers

Trisis Leathers

Started in 2013 in a small room with the idea of bringing the leather clothing business up to date, particularly for online merchants, A committed group of specialists is constantly working on creating fresh ideas that follow current trends. In 2018, they implemented backward integration through specific tannery agreements in several locations. They purchase the bulk of leather (sheep, goat, cow, and buffalo) in a dry salted, pickle, or wet blue condition and finish these leathers in our and other tanneries in accordance with the order requirements.

 Additionally, they import various finished types of leather from Turkey, China, France, Spain, Italy, and Japan. Their goal is to deliver excellent outerwear. Trisis Leathers’ services are supported by the most recent technologies thanks to its qualified staff, who are also creating new standards for the sector. They take pleasure in being a design-driven company with the resources and size to stay up with the most recent fashion trends.

1. Blackbird Leathers

Blackbird Leathers

The leather goods from Blackbird Leathers are expertly handcrafted in Pakistan by skilled artisans. For their products, they employ 100% Natural Organic Full Grain Leather. we are one of the top leather brands in Pakistan Additionally, they offer services beyond simply selling the product. Since they also provide repair services for leather goods from other manufacturers, they will fix your products at no cost to you. Contact them whenever you like.

Additionally, they are thrilled to introduce 100% genuine leather jackets following the successful selling and recognition of Blackbird Leathers accessories among national and international customers. Every jacket they produce will reflect the care and attention the company puts into it. They guarantee to provide a fit that is appropriate for both your body and style, starting with the finest raw materials, robust hardware, and exquisite partisanship. Nothing but the best that you’ll enjoy for a very long time is what they guarantee. So, keep tuned.

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People Also Ask!

Are Pakistani-made leather jackets of high quality?

The simple response is “YES.” The best leather jackets are made in Pakistan, which is well-recognized for its leather industry. There are roughly 800 tanneries operating year-round. They are primarily in the Sialkot, Lahore, and Karachi districts, processing about 4500 tonnes of the nation’s leather production.

How durable are leather jackets?

A leather jacket is a wise investment since it can last for at least 20 to 30 years due to the material’s high level of durability. For them to endure that long, though, they must be properly cared for.

Which kind of material is ideal for a leather jacket?

One of the most popular and reasonably priced varieties of material used in leather jackets is cowhide. At first, it is very hard and stiff, but as you break in the jacket, it will soften and become more supple.

Final Thoughts

Pakistani leather jackets are produced for both aesthetic and protective reasons. These purposes differ greatly from one another. The safety jackets are heavier, thicker, and occasionally even armored. Safety jackets, particularly motorcycle jackets, include thick zippers, high collars, and waterproof pockets. The fashion-oriented jackets, however, are made of fragile materials.

When a leather jacket is tailored to your body size and shape, it looks amazing. The best decision is to purchase a leather jacket from a reputable brand because their jackets are manufactured with premium leather and superior stitching. Concludingly, your finest and most dashing appearance will come from a fully handmade jacket with a vintage design. Check out our article on how to clean your leather jackets?

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