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It is evident that leather wallets made up of full grain leather come at the top of the list, the best a man can get, and then comes top grain leather, hence wallets made from it have different scents and charisma. Put a glance up above the picture. This kind of richness, dexterousness, and beauty is only possible with Top grain leather and never with genuine leather or other leather in markets like synthetic leather. There are multiple reasons to back my statement. We will discuss them later in the article!

Sadly, many consumers aren’t familiar with both terminologies “full grain” or “top grain,” and instead they look for the words “genuine leather.” But, if a leather bag or leather wallet is listed as genuine leather, it’s actually not a good sign. At least, not where the leather’s quality is concerned.

“Genuine leather” has essentially become a catchy phrase for people because people believe that the word genuine resembles the true quality of leather. However, reality is quite contradictory to this statement. So, if you’re looking for true leather quality, you’ll want to look in the direction of full-grain or top grain leather products.

Top Grain leather:

Top Grain leather does not actually refer to the top – or outermost – layer of the hide from which it’s taken. Another confusing detail about top grain leather is that, top grain leather is also not the “top” grade of leather quality; that distinction is reserved for “Full Grain leather”. However, Top Grain leather is the second highest grade of leather in leather industry. It is the grade one can find in high-end leather products. People extract it from animal hides, both cows and lamb so yes this leather is real deal. So the wallets made up of top grain leather are one of the best wallets one can buy and if someone sell them to you at affordable prices don’t miss the deal.

Is top grain leather real leather?

Top Grain leather is the second highest grade of leather in leather industry. It is the grade one can find in high-end leather products. People extract it from animal hides, both cows and lamb so yes this leather is real deal.

Why Top Grain leather wallets are less expensive than Full grain leather wallets?

The natural grain from the top surface is sanded away, which removes imperfections and blemishes and makes the leather thinner and more workable for the manufacturer. This is the major reason why Top Grain leather is less expensive than Full Grain leather.

If you are looking for uniformity, then your prime choice should be Top Grain leather. The downside is, by sanding off the natural grain, they’ve sanded off the strongest fibers in the hide. Even with the removal of the natural grain, Top Grain leather remains strong and durable – but the refinishing process greatly reduces the leather’s breathability, and also prevents the leather from developing a natural patina over time.

As, Top Grain leather is not the highest grade available, it is typically less expensive than Full Grain leather. It offers greater stain resistance if the finish remains unbroken. But if you’re considering investing in Top Grain over Full Grain, it’s worth knowing the compromises you may be making regarding durability and the natural aging process.

Genuine leather wallets:

Genuine leather name is actually marked for those goods that are made by several layers of low-quality leather bonded together with glue and then painted to look uniform. People make genuine leather products from ruminant’s of higher grades leather stripped away for pricier projects. Over the years, the name “genuine leather” meaning has changed for consumers. People think that word “genuine” reflects the realness of leather so genuine leather is real.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of consumers still believe genuine leather is the “best” or at least a premium product that warrants a higher price. The reality is opposite to 360 degrees..

Technically, real leather means cowhide, right? Wrong. Awhile back, the definition of genuine leather has changed and now people include other animal hides. That means pig leather, goat leather, etc. also qualify as “genuine leather”. It also means that discarded scraps of leather reconstituted into a bag form can qualify as a “genuine leather bag”. One could take scraps of pig hide, sand down surface, emboss it, and reformat it in bag or wallet and call it “genuine leather.”

Now, one other thing to note. If someone is selling full grain leather then he will not market it as genuine leather because he knows the difference.

So, Top-grain leather is far better than genuine leather that is not genuine in its literal meanings. In addition, it is the second-best type of leather, and Blackbirds leather company make products with top-grain leather.

I hope this article has clarified a lot of your misunderstandings and provided you with accurate knowledge of genuine leather and top grain leather.

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