If there’s a single bad habit shared by the vast majority of men it is simply that most think owning a single leather wallet is more than adequate for all occasions. In fact most men simply aren’t aware that there are a number of different types of wallets available – this is mostly caused by the fact that most men receive their wallets as gifts from family members or female friends. So any guy reading this article is probably wondering why on Earth there would be any need to own several wallets… but allow us to explain why owning several wallets is not only a good idea but absolutely necessary in many situations.


This type of wallet will be either a tri-fold or bi-fold type and most busy or active guys seem to prefer a tri-fold wallet for their day-to-day wallet use. It can store a lot of cards and because you’re using it on a casual basis you don’t mind it being that little bit more bulky than a bi-fold. You casual wallet will quite probably be a little bit more worn than the rest in your collection but that’s fine because it’s not really there for public display as such. dollar

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Work or Business

A bi-fold wallet makes perfect sense as a work wallet because unless you’re some kind of traveling salesperson you probably won’t be carrying much cash around with you during the day except for your lunch and commute/gas cash. Carrying a bulky personal tri-fold wallet around with you in work is an invitation to lose all of your personal information and become a victim of identity theft overnight; yet another reason for keeping separate leather wallets for separate occasions.

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If you travel a lot for business or personal reasons then you’ll need to combine both form and function in your wallet choice but obviously weight and physical size are going to be key considerations for you too. With that being said you’ll need to keep your cash and other items safe so a travel wallet should be secure, and in face some travel wallets are actually designed to be worn around the waist as opposed to being carried in a jeans or jacket pocket. 

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Now here is a very, very valid reason for owning at least one additional wallet – an important date. The type of wallet will also depend on the type of date you’re going on so if, for example, you’re going to the theater or some other formal event you’ll want to have a coat wallet for this occasion – this both looks very well and your date may have never seen one before, which presents you with a conversation point. If you’re just having dinner instead it’s still important that when your date sees your wallet that they don’t think you got it free as a prize in a cereal box. A high-quality, classic bi-fold leather wallet is all you need and if it’s something more elaborate, using ostrich leather for example, then so much the better.

Remember that when you pull your wallet out from your jacket pocket or your jeans it gives your date or business associate a very clear image of how you function; therefore a messy, tattered wallet that’s crammed to bursting with old receipts and business cards tells them you’re messy and disorganized… at best. This is the wrong first impression to create with anyone.

If you speak to any style consultant they will instantly want to see your current wallet and will invariably insist that owning several leather wallets is critical for any guy who wants to be perceived as an alpha male – at least one who wants to make a lasting impression on the people he meets.


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