Fashion is an ever changing phenomenon which is influenced by culture and tradition as well as what’s popular around the globe. To meet the fast pace of fashion trends, Fashion industry is evolving in Pakistan and we have witnessed rapid expansion in last couple of years. Men fashion industry has also gaining recognition that was not normal a decade ago. Among all accessories of men, the most imperative is “wallets” and so, wallet brands in Pakistan are selling wallets like hot cakes.

A wallet is an important accessory as it reflects your personality. The reason lies in the fact that it will be seen by other people in almost every occasion and situation. Whether you’re having a lunch, giving someone your business card, making a purchase, or even taking out your licenses and identity cards – They’re all carried by your wallet. Your wallet reflects your taste in brands. However, most wallet brands in Pakistan are very expensive hence making it hard for middle class or 9-5 salary persons to afford.

Therefore, we have prepared a list of top affordable wallet brands in Pakistan:

Giorgio Armani

Almost every oniomania is well aware of this Italian wallet brand made on the name of famous Fashion designer Giorgio Armani. Giorgio Armani is one of the biggest names in luxury fashion today. They make classy, sleek and elegant wallets that are durable and long-lasting, they have world class designers as they craft designs that look modern even after years of usage.

Men Black Genuine Leather Wallet – Mini  (6 Card Slots)

Blackbird leathers

Blackbird Leathers is an emerging Pakistani Leather Brand that offers best a man can get. Dexterous crafting, pure leather scent, modern design, spacious and elegance are key element that can be found in selection of handmade natural men’s leather wallets , accessories & other custom products. All wallets are HANDMADE only the stitching is done by machine to guarantee the durability of the wallet or any other of their items.

The best and the foremost thing about blackbird leathers is that their products have a strong contrast from their prices. The wallet that GUCCI and LOUIS sell at more than 150+ dollars, Blackbird sells at 30$ and the durability and texture crafting is way finer than both aforementioned brands. It is true that when brands get recognition they start adulteration in their products but blackbird leathers never compromise on quality and customer satisfaction is at top in their priority list.



Levi’s wallets

Levi Strauss & Co. is an American clothing company known worldwide for its Levi’s brand of denim jeans. This company is “Denim pioneer”. German immigrant Levi Strauss founded it in May 1853.

They started as denim pants manufacturers later they started to make all men’s accessories including quality wallets in affordable prices. Their wallets price ranges from 2k to 10k depending upon the quality and durability of a wallet. For example, Levi’s Men’s RFID Traveler Wallet, Brown Passcase, One Size has price tag of 6.5k. On the other hand some wallets of Levi’s have also a price tag of 1.3k.

This picture is taken from Magred shop


Jafferjees is another Pakistani brand that specializes in leather accessories. With a legacy dating back to 1880, Jafferjees is one of the oldest leather goods brands in the world. They make very quality men’s leather wallets. You’ll be able to find most of there wallets amazing yet costly.

Jafferjees “Berlin wallet” worth 2k PKR


Borjan is a single stop-Shop for “men accessories”. Among all brands that in Pakistan that are working to provide one of the finest shoes and leather wallets to their consumers, Borjan Pvt Ltd has gained popularity for producing superlative quality shoes.

This brand is catching youth attention by designing modern and sophisticated shoes and other accessories for both men and women. It’s been 16 years since they are facilitating their consumers with exceptional products at reasonable price. The brand has established almost 47 outlets in about 33 cities of the country.  Approximately they sell about 50,000 shoes annually. Nowadays, with the surge in demand their prices have gone a far from the normal scale. Normally, Borjan wallet price range is at 4 to 5k PKR. It might be a good choice for classic wallet lovers who don’t want patterns and logos on wallets.

These top 5 brands provide you best wallets according to the requirements of modern wallets at affordable prices. We have not included Mont Blanc, Gucci and other multi national brands because their wallet prices have gone very high in recent times. For example, Gucci’s Canvas Black Supreme has price tag of 440$ and if we convert that amount in Pakistani rupees it become 80k rupees making this brand unapproachable to large masses of Pakistan.

Picture taken from Gucci’s original site.

I hope now you are clear where to go for your wallet purchase. Happy shopping!

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