Leather is an important element of our life. Thousands of Wallets, keychains, cardholders, bags, belts and many more things are crafted with leather. But not many people know how to distinguish between Natural Organic Leather or Synthetic Leather.

This Article will help you find the best leather bag in market. Just keep these points in check and you will leave with the best quality Leather Bag.

Rough edges: one of the important features of bags that are made with leather is that the bags have rough edges

The texture of the bags: First, we have to understand what is leather? it is the skin of animals.The animal’s skin will not be picture perfect. thus the texture of the bag will not be the same.

Impression test: Feel the touch of leather with your hands. When you are pressing the Genuine bag it gives you a bouncy feeling.

Water test: Real leather absorbs water but not fake ones.

View test: When you place that bag on any surface, if it was strong and sturdy, it is a real one. The fake ones would be flexible and will lose its structure, With no sturdiness and it will be bent and fragile in the fake leather bags posture.

Zip test: The genuine bag’s Zip, when unzipping the bag, it will be a smooth one but in the case of fake leather, it will be a hard one.

Smell test: The final tip to find a quality leather bag is to feel the smell of original leather.

The label of the leather bag: It will be marked as “Full-Grain” which is the best quality of leather in case of real leather bags but the fake ones will be marked as “made with full-grain leather” which can be interpreted as only part of the product is made with leather.

Stitching and lining: The stitching and lining will be perfect in genuine bags but in the case of fake ones there will be many flaws in stitching, lining

Price of leather: There is no way to bargain leather products. Most of the leather products will be usually fixed the price in retail shops. As the retailer will not sell quality products with less margin of profit. but Blackbird Leathers offers high quality Full Grain Leather Products for the Lowest Possible Rates.


I hope, I have given some insights about leather bags and shared my knowledge in buying the real ones. These tips and tricks will be handy when you are buying quality leather bags in Pakistan and all around the world.

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